The Government of the Oryol region and the company Agribusiness signed an agreement

May 14, 2013, a meeting of the Governor of Orel Region Alexander Kozlov with the president of "agricultural holding" Agribusiness "Viktor Linnik. During the meeting the parties discussed the results of the company in the region, the prospects for further cooperation.

As a result of the meeting was to Agreement,
the subject of which — implementation of the investment project in the region to establish a complex for the production of highly beef cattle and complex for its slaughtering and primary processing. In addition, the planned construction at least two livestock farms (farms) up to 5,000 head of cattle each, feeding complex (feedlots) to 37,500 head of cattle pre-slaughter with a base of content, production facilities, as well as production of crops in the development of 40,000 hectares agricultural land.

Start of the project — II quarter of 2013.

The planned volume of investments — 2.4 billion rubles.

The project envisages the creation of at least 200 jobs.



Construction of livestock farms in Orel region will provide their own food production and to achieve a gradual import of meat supply in the region, will contribute to the solution of social problems of the villagers.

Implementation of the project involves the construction of livestock farms using an integrated system of herd management, as well as the installation of modern high-performance equipment for the automation of production processes maintenance and upkeep of cattle.

Organization of production of crops on an area of 40 hectares includes a set of measures for the cultivation, storage and sale of grains and oilseeds, and forage crops. The strategic aim of the holding in the segment of grain production is full of domestic demand for grain for feed production.

According to Alexander Kozlov, regional government has high hopes for cooperation with "Agribusiness": "For our region, it is a strategic and important project, thanks to which we can reach the highest level in the field of animal husbandry. In addition, the most important factor of the positive development of Orloschiny — means new jobs, which are provided by the project. In turn, I want to note that the management of the area will provide full support to the company. "

The meeting was also attended by the Deputy Prime Minister of the region, the head unit’s financial and economic development, Yuri Parahin, Vice-President of the Regional Government, the head of agribusiness unit Vasily Novikov.


Agribusiness Holding "Agribusiness" was founded in 1995. He is currently one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of meat to the Russian market. Companies included in the holding company, a complete cycle of production.

Activities: crop production, feed production, animal husbandry, primary meat processing, meat processing deep, low-temperature transport and storage logistics, distribution of food products.

In 2008, APH "Agribusiness" was included in the list of 295 strategic enterprises of the Russian Federation, approved by the Government Commission on Sustainable Development of the Russian economy.

Number of employees holding — more than 7,000 people. Client network — more than 16,000 Russian organizations.

The geography of the company — 15 regions of Russia.

In 2009, APH "Agribusiness" started the implementation of the largest in the Russian project for the production of high-meat breeds of cattle in the Bryansk region. It is based livestock breeding complex of meat breeds of cattle (breed Black Angus and Hereford).

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