The government will give 742 million for the production of Ukrainian


After 8 years of PJSC "Motor Sich" has decided to make a second attempt to establish a helicopter industry in Ukraine. Previous attempt in 2004 ended in failure. This time the "Motor Sich" has decided to approach the issue more seriously.

To date for the implementation of far-reaching plans known manufacturer of helicopter engines have received a certificate from the developer helicopters aviaadministratsii and a certificate for helicopter 8MSB. The other day the helicopter was presented to the public the Prime Minister of Ukraine Mykola Azarov.

The next step will be the development of a new sanitary helicopter carrying capacity of 6.7 tons. In size it is slightly larger than the Mi-2 and less than the Mi-8. This will be the first fully Ukrainian helicopter assembly. Release of the first instance of the new helicopter is planned in 3-5 years.

According to the "Motor Sich" is currently a general need for helicopters in Ukraine ranges from 400-460 units, including for the needs of the economy must be 70%, and rescue and law enforcement agencies and departments — 30%.

As of 2010, according to data from the Aviation Register of Ukraine, the country has 216 helicopters. In 2006 in Ukraine there were 422 Mi-2 (8.26), since for the past five years has been removed from the register 206 units. According to the news agency, currently in service with the Ukrainian Army helicopters are issued before 1990 in the amount of 139 units (Mi-24VP — 72 pcs., Mi-8MTs — 60., Mi-24P (to ), E-9 and E-2 — a total of 7 units).

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