The governor of the Sverdlovsk region Innoprome presented the world’s first multicellular processor

During the press conference Governor of Sverdlovsk region CEO "Multiclet" Boris Zyryanov submitted Eugene Kuyvashevu The world’s first microprocessor multicellular created forces Ural developers.

The first pilot batch of microprocessors based on its own revolutionary multicellular architecture has been derived from production in mid-June. To celebrate this truly significant event for the entire electronics industry in the country’s first Multiclet premium design was presented to the Governor. .

"Sverdlovsk region will become the center of the electronics industry, to cluster huge number of instrument-making microelectronics, aerospace, military and industrial companies in the region, if the basis of the cluster will be a Russian processor that can compete with foreign counterparts — said in his address to the Governor Boris Zyryanov

We have created not a single product but a powerful technology for the development of the domestic electronic component base. Released by us multicellular microprocessor, which showed itself in tests on several parameters to the specific characteristics of the best foreign analogues ARM — is only the first of a planned microchip our line of processors. Multicellular architecture enables us to create a processor for virtually any application. "

During the presentation Boris Zyryanov The governor also showed Evaluation Kit for multicellular processor is fully ready for delivery to the enterprise. Eugene V. thanks Boris Zyryanova for the gift and wished the company "Multiclet ‘success and continued growth.

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