The grand opening of the river terminal Svetlovodsky

 Inauguration of "Svetlovodsky river terminal" — Novo Group companies’ UkrAgroKom "and" Hermes-Trading "on the receipt, storage and shipment of grain and oilseeds.

The group of companies "UkrAgroKom" and "Hermes — Trading" — a powerful agrarian region corporation, is developing dynamically and combines agricultural production, agro-processing and trade in the domestic and international markets — purposefully striding towards elevating infrastructure development, investing in this project more than 90 million U.S. dollars.

The activities of the group of companies "UkrAgroKom" CEO Anatoly Kuzmenko (TOP-25 largest agricultural holdings) and the "Hermes-Trading", director Yuri Skichko (TOP-10 largest grain traders in Ukraine) is based on the use of new technologies of production and storage.

The project of building "Svetlovodsky river terminal" (94000 tons of storage) was not only a logical extension of years of work to improve the infrastructure of grain elevator companies "UkrAgroKom" and "Hermes-Trading", but also an important contribution to the revival of the water transport system of the Dnieper and Economic Development agriculture in the region and the country, because it is — the first in Kirovograd zernootgruzochnoe company on the Dnieper.

The group of companies "UkrAgroKom" and "Hermes-Trading" has already had a successful experience in the construction of three modern elevators that meet all international standards in the area of Alexandria, Kirovograd region, and already tested for years of stable work. This — the elevator "UkrAgroKom" Royal HSP, HSP Dobronadeevskoe, with a total capacity of storage of 170,000 tons of grain. In recent years, realizing the project of development of own grain elevator infrastructure were added and this year successfully passed the test process, an elevator PJSC "Sharovskaya" capacity of 81,000 tons in the Alexandria area and "Svetlovodskiy River Terminal" — 94,000 tons of storage.

Thus, the silo infrastructure group of companies "UkrAgroKom" and "Hermes-Trading" consists of Svetlovodsky river terminal and four of sophisticated and advanced elevators with a total capacity of 353,000 tons of grain storage. And the activity of the company constantly aims to contribute to the development of domestic agricultural production had peaked, following its motto — "Do not stop!".

Ltd. "Svetlovodskiy River Terminal" — built on the latest technology and marks the beginning of the revival of navigation of the river Dnepr in the Kirovograd region. Implementation of best river terminal in Ukraine — it is an important contribution to the revival of the Dnieper as an important historical and transport artery Ukraine.

General designer — JSC "PII" Nikolaevagroproekt. "Designer berth — JSC" UPVKTRT "Ukrrechtransproekt." General Contractor — JSC "KREMENCHUGNEFTEHIMBUD-invest" has employed more than fifty subcontractors. During the construction of more than a thousand people were employed and were brought to the construction of the object. And where production orders for more than 10 plants of different regions of Ukraine have made it possible to supplement the budget of the country to contribute to the development of national production and the economy.

Ltd. "Svetlovodskiy river terminal" — the first river terminal in the Kirovograd region, the scope and purpose of which cause a reasonable delight: 94,000 tons of storage of grain; express shipping on water transport (5000 tons / day) and railway (4000 tons / day); receiving vehicle (5000 tons / day) and rail transport (4000 tons / day), the processing and drying (4400 tons / day).

"Svetlovodskiy River Terminal" — a grain terminal complex equipped with modern facilities, including such well-known companies as GSI (USA), Buhler (Switzerland / Germany), Telestack (UK) and other manufacturers. All equipment complies with the safety in production, process automation and global technology standards.

Quay length of 240 meters, which makes it possible to simultaneously berth two boats. The number of new jobs — 53.

An important socio-economic impact of the terminal: the revival of the transport capacity of the Dnieper River, in the future, and other waterways of the country, the implementation of large-scale development strategy river infrastructure, agriculture and other sectors of the Kirovograd region and Ukraine as a whole, social welfare, increasing the number of jobs and improved quality of life people of the region, reducing the load on the roads and railways, and as a result, increase their life, reducing the use of scarce grain fleet, reducing the number of road freight transport on the transport of agricultural products.

Handling of grain and oilseeds, as well as other types of cargo through Svetlovodskiy river terminal on the river transport, will allow farmers to get a high price by reducing logistics costs for export — the cheaper prices of transportation on the Dnieper River to the Black sea than by road and rail. Using traffic artery Dnieper River would also reduce government spending on repairs and maintenance of roads and railways, grain Park, directing them to the important social and economic development needs of the state.

Implementation of the project a river terminal in the city Svitlovodsk — it is an integral part of the economic development of the Kirovograd region, which, in turn, is another step towards the implementation of the "Central Region-2015". The construction of the terminal in July 2012. In January 2013 completed the construction of the first phase and the construction of the jetty. Planned date of commissioning — the fourth quarter of 2013. The total amount of investments — more than 160 million USD.

In the construction of the first phase of Svetlovodsky river terminal, even greater weight of pile construction, has been used 21,500 cubic meters of concrete, manufactured and installed 1,400 tons of steel, 2,000 tons of elevator equipment. To ensure smooth operation during wiring electric cable laid 63 km, 1.4 km of track. At the final stage, only the pavement was laid more than 10, 000 square meters.

As at previous sites of companies "UkrAgroKom" and "Hermes-Trading", the introduction of the enterprise necessarily involves and landscaping of the adjacent territory.

Along with the construction of the terminal, completed a significant amount of work on infrastructure development district, in particular, carried out the restoration and construction of the railway length of 3.5 km, built power lines — about 5 km and 9.5 km high pressure gas pipeline, has multiple playgrounds, provided assistance in the computerization of general educational institutions of the city and providing the musical instruments of the school.

Construction Svetlovodsky river terminal — is the result of cooperation between the authorities of Kirovohrad and local businesses for the development of the agricultural sector, ensuring the formation of regional stockpiles of strategic products, ensuring food security of the state. Very important is the fact that Svetlovodskiy terminal is the first in Kirovograd, which opens the possibility of transporting grain farmers by water.

Construction of such facilities as Svetlovodskiy river terminal in Ukraine — this is another step in the development of high-quality grain elevator and logistics infrastructure that will improve the efficiency of agricultural production and achieve production volumes of grains and oilseeds in Ukraine up to 70 — 80 million tons

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