The Great Barrier Reef has half

The Great Barrier Reef was half Facts

Area, which has held the Great Barrier Reef off Australia, have declined by more than half due to the different climate change and more severe weather events, always storming the eastern shores of the continent. The sad thing is that by 2022, the size of the reef can be reduced again to the widow.

By 48% to blame for the incident frequent tropical cyclones, associated with global warming. Scientists also believe that the 42% of the Great Barrier Reef Marine killed influx stars form "crown of thorns" eating coral. These malicious animals appeared here in a critical quantity, due to the changed conditions of residence, have become favorable to them, and constant discharge into the sea of agricultural fertilizers, which became an excellent food source for sea stars.
Important in the disappearance of huge coral ecosystems (10%) were found with severe episodes of ocean warming in 1998 and 2002. They reduced the number of coral colonies in the center and north of the reef.
Studying the state of the reef took 2700 days, which were completely devoted to the study of corals and the sea around them. Forecasts of favorable: a coral reef can recover, but it will take 10-20 years to maintain favorable conditions. Currently, periods of calm are interrupted too often disastrous episodes. But the researchers are confident that they can control the population of sea stars and prevent a surge of the population growth of the species.
Excluding life Great Barrier Reef starfish, each year the reef can recover by 0.89%. But for this, of course, need to place controls over anthropogenic pollution of coastal waters and the release fertilizers to reduce the scale of the development of the eastern coast and shallow water for industrial purposes. With the cyclone is more complicated.

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