The groundbreaking ceremony was held oil barge at the Baltic Shipyard

February 25 "Baltic Shipyard" a ceremony of laying the first of a series of non-self-oil barges.
For the Baltic plant is the first order that runs the river fleet. Implementation of this project will allow the plant to establish itself as a company capable to occupy a niche in the river shipbuilding.
The contract for the construction of four ships of the class was signed on November 11 between JSC "Baltic Plant" LLC and "Path". The project is designed by the St. Petersburg Open Company "Marine Engineering Bureau". The vessels will be built under the supervision of Russian River Register, in accordance with modern standards, rules and regulations of commercial shipbuilding.
The uniqueness of this project is, first of all, in the record time set aside for the construction of barges. Already in mid-July to be launched on the first ship.
Barges are intended for transport of petroleum products with flash point of 60 ° C and above, including those requiring heating. Navigation area — inland waterways and marine areas for non-powered cargo ships, where the thickness of broken ice does not exceed 20 cm Dumb oil barges are equipped with:
double bottom,
double sides in the vicinity of 12 cargo tanks (total volume of which will be 5944 m3)
engine and boiler room, which has carried out the heating fuel.
This type of barges operated without a permanent residence crew on board (during the flight crew on the barge is missing, while parked crew based on onshore facilities or towed). The main method of driving the barge — pushing, backup — towing.
Technical characteristics of the ship:
length will be 108 m,
width — 16.6 m,
depth — 4.75 m,
displacement of 6300 tons,
the weight of the ship will reach 1,020 tons
The design of the hull, machinery and equipment, their manufacture and installation to ensure reliable operation of the vessel in the given conditions.

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