The group Cherkizovo completed sowing and plans to increase grain yield by 30%

OJSC "Cherkizovo", Russia’s largest producer of meat and animal feed, announces the completion of sowing and, while maintaining the favorable climatic conditions, forecasts an increase in yield of 30% — to 150,000 tons. 

Land based groups "Cherkizovo" located in the fertile Central Black Earth region — in Voronezh and Orel regions. The main sowing crops, as well as last year, will be wheat, barley, corn, sunflower, oats, peas, soybeans and canola.

Last fall, a group sowed 15,000 hectares of winter wheat, due to the snowy winter of fixed full safety of winter, and the yield is expected at 42 kg / ha. The remaining areas of land set aside for sowing of spring crops.

By focusing on vertical integration, the Group "Cherkizovo" in 2012 identified areas of crop in a separate segment. Sales segment crop in the previous year exceeded 112 thousand tons of grain, revenue was 35.8 million, EBITDA— 13.8 million dollars. A significant increase in grain prices in 2012 allowed to reach profitability EBITDAAgricultural segment 38%.

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