The group has set SVEL Institute of High Energy Physics power transformer


The transformer is energized SVEL particle accelerator U-7

Electrical equipment will operate in shock.

The group has set SVEL Institute of High Energy Physics power transformer capacity of 63,000 kilovolt-amperes. It will be used to upgrade the power supply system in Russia’s largest particle accelerator.

As reported "Uralinformbjuro"The press service of the Group SVEL, the transformer in a special" Iron and Steel "by ensuring high reliability and security of supply. These parameters are very important because the equipment will operate in shock and cyclic loads. During the operation it must withstand shock currents up to 9000 cycles night.State Research Center Institute for High Energy Physics (IHEP) is one of the largest private research centers in Russia. The proton accelerator U-70 energy 70 billion electron volts deystvie14 was introduced in October 1967. In the mid-1980s, work began on the construction on the basis of the U-70 collider — a proton-proton collider, but due to the collapse of the Soviet Union and the termination of funding the project was abandoned.

JSC "Group" SverdlovElektro "(SVEL) — one of the leading Russian manufacturers of electrical equipment. Included in that group SVEL — RosEnergoTrans, SVEL — Power Transformers, Lower-Iset Plant of Metal. Also included in the Company SVEL — Switchgear and SVEL — Measuring transformers. Group "SVEL" designs and manufactures dry, oil-immersed transformers and reactor equipment, switchgear, transformer substation, KTPBM, modular package, instrument transformers.

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