The group of companies Riemer introduces a new compression-type pump

The new development of designers group of companies designed to improve reliability in the oil-producing plants from 1 year to 5 years, given the fact that the pumps are designed for use in fields with a high content of sand. This compares favorably with pumps of "ALNAS", having no analogues in Russia, from similar imported equipment.

In the development of compression-type pumps used the latest technologies, which have increased the discharge and energy efficiency of the product Almetyevsky pumping plant. To protect the motor unit from falling and various impurities as a result of wear, has been specifically designed with reinforced hydroprotection axial bearing, which operates in an oil medium and not exposed to abrasion. Moreover, the coefficient of friction in the axial bearings 20 times lower than the support washers impellers. During operation of the compression pump is excluded wear support washers impeller that does not require frequent removal and replacement of the pumping unit. If we consider that the operation of installation and dismantling the pump unit costs about $ 5,000, then for 5 years operation of the compression pump can save $ 25,000, not including the cost of repairs and downtime well.

Also excluded in the compression pump operation "shimsovaniya." Accurate docking sectional shafts is achieved by adjusting the bolt. This ensures uniform burnishing support washers impellers and reduces installation time by 5 times compared to the traditional "shimsovaniem".

"The first compression-type pump was installed and put into operation in Nizhnevartovsk in the wells of" Tomskneft "- says the development of the chief engineer of the plant" ALNAS "Eugene Grigoryan. — The system works smoothly and produces a day 60 cubic meters of reservoir fluids. In the near future, "Surgutneftegaz" will test six plants. By the end of 2012 in JSC "ALNAS" complete technological preparation of serial production of compression-type pumps. " 

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