The group of companies Warranty — Story starts the paint production

Manufacture of paints launched by the Group of Companies "Warranty — Story" at the factory of construction materials in the town of Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

Currently shop produces products gostirovannuyu 30 items: paints, enamels and primers for exterior and interior use on plaster, concrete, brick, wood, particle board, and fillers, varnishes, adhesives. Productivity of the shop is about 150 tons per month, which meets the needs of its own construction group.

As a supplier of equipment selected Russian scientific-technical production association "PMT SYSTEMS", more than a decade to develop and introduce innovative technologies in construction.
Minifactory PMT SYSTEMS


Coating materials, produced by the technology "PMT SYSTEMS", have been tested on hundreds of objects. For the purposes of the Group of Companies "Guarantee Story" was bought by production line for water-dispersion paints and decorative materials of new generation with automatic loading of liquid components and the system of automated packaging of finished paint. The equipment allows for a modular building to increase production and to increase automation. The equipment allows to produce colored paints an almost unlimited range — up to 980 colors and shades.

"We are constantly seeking new opportunities to improve the efficiency of our operations, invest in those areas that strengthen the group’s position in the construction industry — said General Director of LLC" Plant of Building Materials "Rodion V. Kuzin. — Today, our manufacturing base — one of the biggest house-building factories in Russia full-equipped with modern facilities. The introduction of new technologies allows us to not only produce the highest quality products, but also to significantly reduce production costs. In this way we can reduce the cost of constructed residential complexes and build as many new high-quality housing. "

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