The growth of industrial production in Tambov in 2012 was 12.5%

The volume of investments in the economy in 2012 exceeded 82.5 billion rubles, "- this was stated by Governor Oleg Betin. Before the regional parliamentarians, heads of municipalities, members of the public, he made a report "On the activities of the regional administration for the year 2012 and the main areas of socio-economic development of the region in 2013."


According to the governor, the growth of industrial production in 2012 was 12.5 percent. The gross regional product is estimated to have increased by 11.2 percent, more than three times more similar to all-(respectively 2.6 and 3.4%).

"More than one-third and increased business profits, exceeding 8 billion rubles. All this had a positive impact on the state of regional finances. Revenues of the consolidated budget of the region increased by 4.1 billion rubles and exceeded 42.6 billion rubles, "- said Oleg Betin.

Tambov region actively participated in the 55 federal programs. Due to what was raised 15 billion rubles. Last year the Tambov region for development, the program has invested about 18 billion rubles of its funds. As a result, for every ruble budget for this purpose was drawn 4.7 rubles of federal government funds, and from all sources, including funds from investors — 9.3 rubles.

The governor noted that the annual Rating of investment attractiveness of regions, conducted by the rating agency "Expert RA", Tambov region in 2012 among the three leading regions in the nomination "The effectiveness of public administration" and took 6th place in the "minimal risk investment" among regions of Russia.

According to Oleg Betina, work to attract investment to the region will be continued in 2013. In particular, the budget process will be developed and implemented 21 new state program. They will be the main reference points in the achievement of target parameters. "In order to assess the effectiveness of these programs should be introduced to the updated system performance and create conditions for social control. It is also necessary to mobilize additional regional investment fund of at least 2 billion rubles of its own revenues. And in addition to optimization of the cadastral value of land settlement areas, "- said the governor.

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