The growth of the space industry in 2011


Against the backdrop of a record number of crashes in aerospace showed accelerated growth rates of production and wages.

"News" found out some of the details held on January 31 in Voronezh, chaired by Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin leadership meeting space industry. As told on his return to Moscow, the head of one of the space companies, the meeting summed up the results of the industry in 2011. Cause it is not as bad as you might think, thinking about all the failed launches of last year.

On the economy, everything looks strong: in terms of production sector grew by 12.4% by 2010, — told the "News". — In industrial enterprises grew by 9.8%, in the scientific — 13.1%. So far, however, not very vpechalyayut figures earned money through commercial activity — only 13.3% of the total production. This amount is close to 20 billion rubles.

An illustration of the positive trends in the space industry data supplemented by wage growth, it increased last year by 16.8%, resulting in average earnings in the industry has passed for 30,000 rubles a month.

At the same time, according to a source in the Russian Space Agency, in a meeting with Rogozin stated that plans to launch in 2011 was not met: 49 of the planned 32 launches carried out. The worst situation with the implementation of the plan the Ministry of Defence — of the 10 planned launches produced only 5, and two of them ended in failure.

However, the international background and the numbers are not as bad: from 32 starts (not counting the start of Sea Launch) Russia is far ahead with the program launches into space. China has, for the first time in history which was released on the second place, in 2011, had 19 starts, the United States — 18. By the number of emergency starts, however, Russia is also far ahead of all: their last year happened 5, despite the fact that Iran, U.S. and China had one accident.

In addition, NASA specialists said they did not see the failures of Russian colleagues serious system problems.

As told earlier, "Izvestiya" Roskomosa head Vladimir Popovkin, after a series of accidents last year was at times increased the list of operations to be triple control, including through photography and video. There have also been set up task forces that check before each start documentation for manufacturing. It also creates an independent testing facilities.

Roscosmos plans for this year — 50 starts, including 17 commercial, 12 military and 21 federal. 

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