The guide track power — reliable protection from sliding car with weights

  • The result of using the signal railing
  • The result of using the signal railing

Truck scales — equipment, no doubt, necessary for any company that deals with transportation of property. One of the most important characteristics for which we pay attention when choosing a truck scales are reliability and safety criteria.

Currently, the market offers a wide range of models of truck scales, designed for a variety of IVC and the length of the car. You can order the scales with elements of alloy or stainless steel, with sensors of Russian, European, Asian production. Most major manufacturers of truck scales can offer enough reliable designs that meet the needs of customers.

What is one of the fundamental differences truck scales produced GC "PhysTech?" Model of truck scales from GC "PhysTech", except in the most efficient, equipped with the power rail track.

  • The guide track power protects the car from stalling with weights.
  • The guide track power protects the car from stalling with weights.

The guide track power — this fence, located at the outer edge of the weighing platforms. Not to be confused with side rails! Some manufacturers are misleading customers, claiming that for the safe use of the instrument is sufficient installation side rails. This is not the case. Side rails perform only a signaling function. On the arrival at such a barrier it is either broken or tears and deforms the bus drive.

Snow, rain, polluted surface of the scale — all of which can lead to slippage of the car with the balance. The exit of the platform is fraught with "landing on its belly," or even a vehicle rollover. With a large vehicle weight, with a special or dangerous cargo tipping — at best — a long time to stop operation of the company and will entail significant additional costs.

Unlike lung side rails guiding force gauge wheels will not allow the car to move down from the weighing platform.

Guiding force gauge, which are equipped with truck scales from GC "PhysTech" is a superrigid design of thick-walled pipes of large diameter, is integral with the weighing platform. Durable track rail connection with weighing platform leads to a significant increase in the longitudinal stiffness of the whole structure and doubling the life of truck scales.

The car can pick up on the power side fence without damaging the tire. The wheel slides along the curved surface of the pipe and the path of the vehicle corrected. This eliminates the possibility of accidentally leaving the car and overturning. The ends are rounded limiter that prevents the wheels and tires of the gap with imprecise race on a vehicle scale.

The diameter and thickness of the pipe, which is made of rail track power, vary depending on the maximum weight, which is calculated on the truck scales, from 114h4, 5 mm for vehicle weights up to 30 tons 219h8 mm for an instrument car 100 tons. The height of the guide track is calculated depending on the height of the wheels of cars. To 30 tons of truck scales height of the guide track is 207 mm, weights 100 tons of road — 410 mm.

Elements of design models of truck scales with the power rail track patented.

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