The head of Federal Drug Control Service has called the idea of legalizing drugs PR action


The head of the Russian Federal Drug Control Service Viktor Ivanov called PR action to promote yesterday’s report of the Global Drug Commission, which proposed the idea of legalizing drugs, RIA "Novosti".

On the eve of a report by the Global Commission on policy-making in the fight against drug trafficking. In the document, in particular, says that the global war against drug trafficking is lost, so is necessary legalization of some drugs and the criminal prosecution of drug addicts.

"The media widely discussed the report of the so-called global commission. We must realize that we are dealing with a global PR action in the promotion of drugs. This campaign is directly or indirectly connected with the huge revenues that are estimated at 800 billion dollars ", — said the director of the Federal Service for Drug Control.

Some media (including the BBC) this commission was named by the UN, but it is nothing to do with the UN has.

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