The head of the Church of Cyprus believes that the country should withdraw from the


Primate of the Orthodox Church of Cyprus Archbishop Chrysostomos II said that the country is better to get out of the European Union in connection with his possible collapse in the near future.

Archbishop Chrysostomos II am sure that the European Union will not last long.

"Now the economy of Spain, Portugal and Italy is in danger. And if Italy’s economy will be destroyed as well as ours, the EU simply can not stand. But the people who run Europe, and in particular those who make decisions in the so-called Troika, do not understand many things, and it leads to the collapse of the European Union, so I think we better get out of it until it happens, ", — He said in an exclusive interview with Channel One, which aired on Sunday in the final program "Vremya".

According to Archbishop Chrysostomos II, in the short time he intends to visit Moscow, where in addition to the church authorities, also plans to meet with the secular. As specified journalists, according to their information, the visit agreed with the President of Cyprus.

Earlier, the ArchbishopChrysostomos of Cyprustold journalists that the Cypriot Orthodox Church is ready to provide to the State all of its property, if it will help to get out of the crisis. He noted that the Church can lay their property, and the money to pay for the purchase of bonds. The Cypriot Orthodox Church is one of the largest landowners of the country.

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