The head of Tuva, handed the keys to a new vehicle health

institutions of the republic

The ceremony of handing over the keys of new vehicles medical institutions of the republic took place in Kyzyl, the stadium named after the 5th anniversary of Soviet Tuva in the framework of the events dedicated to the celebration of the Day of the Republic. 15 modern machines came to Tuva in the implementation of targeted programs to modernize and improve the health of the republic of medical care to victims of road accidents. Under the program of modernization of health care in the first half of this year, the republic has already mastered some 1.7 billion rubles, which went to the purchase of high-tech equipment for medical institutions. The volume of the republican target program "Improving medical care to victims of road accidents" is 245.9 million rubles. The purpose of the program — reduced mortality in traffic accidents by reducing the time of arrival of medical services to the scene and improve the effectiveness of aid to the victims.   Before the ceremony Sholban Kara-ool closely acquainted with the equipment arrived and its capabilities, spoke to the future owners. Two cars — ambulance Class "A" and mobile-diagnostic system for the inspection of children — placed at the disposal of the Republican Children’s Hospital. According to its specifications, as convinced President of the Republic, the car meets all modern requirements. The uniqueness of the mobile complex, in particular, is that it can be used independently, in all weather conditions, while providing a high level of comfort for patients and physicians. The complex is able to provide a wide range of assistance to the child; from routine inspections to a highly consultative medical care. Mounted on the basis of KamAZ, it is indispensable in remote and inaccessible areas. Keys to the eight ambulances Class "B" on the base vehicle "Gazelle" head of the republic heads handed Pii-Khem, Tes-Khem, Tandy, Erzinsky, Kyzyl district hospitals, Barun-Khemchiksky and Ulug-Khem inter-municipal health centers. The equipment allows ambulances to carry out intensive therapy even during patient transportation. New equipment will be used for the organization of trauma centers in the implementation of programs to improve medical care for victims of road traffic accidents. Five ambulances class "C" on the basis of cars "Volkswagen Crafter" transferred Territorial Center for Disaster and emergency stations Kyzyl. Receiving the keys to the new technology, the head physician of ambulance station in Kyzyl Sholban Saryglar on behalf of the team and myself warmly thanked the Head of the republic for the care of the needs of institutions and residents of Kyzyl. Due to the growth of the city, he said, is constantly growing and the amount of work of physicians. There are days when the number of emergency calls reaches two hundred. Equipment and technical base with new, modern ambulances will significantly improve the level of medical services to the population of the capital. The care of the Government assured Sholban Saryglar, experts ambulance responded by raising the quality of their work. Addressing the audience at the stadium to residents and visitors of Kyzyl, Sholban Kara-ool, said: "In these days of Tuva celebrates its main national holiday — the Day of the Republic. And, as you know, the holidays are taken to make gifts. I hope that the new technique will be a good gift for our health care institutions of the Government of the Republic and of the people. I hope that this will answer our physicians even greater concern for the lives and health of people. Congratulations, dear compatriots! Bless you! "

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