The heat in the Chinese people die

In the province of Zhejiang in the heat killed 15 people

August 8, 2013. The intense heat has seriously affected the lives of local residents and the production of in Zhejiang Province / East China /. According to statistics Chzhetszjansky Centre for Disease Prevention and Control for the centers of their origin, from June 1 to August 7 this year from heat stroke has killed 15 people, which is 3.75 times higher compared to the same period last year. In years past, this is quite rare.

According to the provincial meteorological station, as of August 8 35-degree or higher heat in Zhejiang has continued for 37 days in Zhoushan, Fenghua and other parts of the heat many times beat their previous temperature records, in particular, it was the administrative center of the province of g . Hangzhou, and in the urban district of Fenghua record was registered in all provinces — 43.5 degrees Celsius.

Source: Xinhua


In the Chinese city of Wuhan 5 people died because of the heat

August 10, 2013. This summer, in the city of Wuhan — the provincial capital of Hubei / Central China / 5 people died due to sunstroke. Such cases of death due to heat stroke three years was not in the city.

According to the Wuhan Hospital for the prevention and treatment of occupational diseases in the period from June 1 to August 9, the city had recorded 155 cases of heat stroke, which is 65 percent higher than last year / 94 cases /. Most of the victims — people aged 45 years and above. Of which, 59 people suffered from severe cases of sunstroke, most of them — the people who worked in the open air, or the elderly who live alone.

"Prolonged heat was the direct cause of growing cases of sunstroke in the city," — said the expert of the above hospitals Mao Geshi.

Wuhan City is one of the hottest places in China and is located in a zone of subtropical humid climate. Because of the humidity in Wuhan is often 65 percent or more, living there is complicated by the intense heat and stuffiness even for perfectly healthy people, so the city is often referred to as "stove."

Source: Xinhua


In Hunan continues debilitating heat

August 11, 2013. As a correspondent reported. Xinhua in Hunan Meteorological / Central China / this summer in the province have been updated records as the number of days with high air temperature / over 35 degrees Celsius /, and on the maximum duration of 35-degree heat. In the city of Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, forecasters predicted the first 40-degree heat.

Since the last ten days of June, held in Hunan hot and dry weather. The monitoring meteorological, August 9, the average maximum temperature in Hunan Province reached 38.5 degrees in 14 counties and cities, the thermometer climbed to 40 degrees, including the county Tsyli — up to 42 degrees.

As of August 9, Hunan, on average there were 35.9 days with temperatures of 35 degrees and above, more than in 1953 / 27.7 days /.

According to weather forecast, August 10 in the city of Changsha expected 40-degree heat. This forecast was made for the first time since 1970, when the city was established meteorological station, a spokesman of the provincial meteorological administration.

On the 9th August, the total number of days with 35-degree heat in Changsha reached 48, thus a new record in 1978/47 days /. The maximum air temperature of 35 degrees and above is held 41 days in a row, which is far more than in 2003 — 24 days.

According to weather forecasts for the coming week in Hunan continued hot and dry weather, heavy precipitation will not. In some areas of the east and north of the province of the maximum temperature will reach 40-41 degrees.

Source: Xinhua


In Zhejiang Province more than 400 thousand people lack drinking water because of the drought

August 11, 2013. The ongoing drought intensifies the heat all in Zhejiang / China Eastern /. Today at 10:00 the provincial headquarters of flood control and drought regime launched a rapid response to natural disasters in the third level of the drought.

As of August 10, the lack of drinking water have 417 thousand residents of Zhejiang Province, the drought affected 312 thousand hectares of farmland. According to the provincial meteorological forecasts, will soon dry and hot weather will not release the province, which means the drought continues.

According to the provincial meteorological station, in July this year, the province has dropped less rain than in the same period in previous years, causing a marked increase in the evaporation of water. In the period from 1 July to 10 August in the province average 230.2 mm of water evaporated, which is 71.2 mm more than usual.

City and county authorities are trying to ease the situation and cause rain artificially. Thus, from July 28 to August 10 this measure in the province have used 129 times.

Source: Xinhua

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