The heating season in the Southern Urals: the interview of the Ministry of Construction of the Chelyabinsk

In the Chelyabinsk region are actively in the process of getting rid of inefficient boilers. This, as well as other features of the current heating season in the southern Urals in REGNUM correspondent told the minister of construction, infrastructure and road of the Chelyabinsk region, Viktor Tupikin.

REGNUM: The In the Chelyabinsk region kicked off in September. Under what conditions he is being held this year?

I would like to mention a few points. First — every year the quality of preparation for the heating season increases. This is due to the work of system utilities complex, high responsibility of municipalities, the attention of the Government of the Chelyabinsk region in the topic. As a result, every year we go through the steady heating season. This criterion — as a litmus test.

Second, what is characteristic of this period — in line with the request of the Governor of the Chelyabinsk region This year a major operation to upgrade boilers and maintenance of unprofitable facilities. Ministry of Construction has been monitored, identified 155 boiler rooms, brings the company losses that had partially extinguish the municipalities for a number of reasons. Were objective — as they depended on the activity of the enterprise, and from various historical factors. For example, when the boiler was installed on equipment that is not relevant to today’s loads and operate inefficiently. As a result of this work More than 30 boilers retrofitted with the involvement of investors. For them, created the necessary conditions, and the business came into this industry. Due to their credit or investors built new or remodeled the old boiler. Attracted more than 500 million rubles. This is a major achievement of the current heating season. Furthermore, More than 30 municipalities upgraded boiler itself, various methods. Somewhere at the expense of budget funds replacement of boilers, gas appliances, which would entail the efficient operation of boilers. Somewhere boiler, again at the expense of budget funds transferred to other fuels: from inefficient fuel oil to pellets, coal. Somewhere just abandoned boiler. They eliminated. The population was transferred to other types of heating systems, primarily gas and social infrastructure — for radiant heating, electric heating, or any other. This work is ongoing and the results, we summarize the final result. I think can upgrade about 55-60 boilers. With the rest will work for the next year, we look for solutions. Not all investors will come, not all objects bystrookupaemy, somewhere there is a problem of a technical nature — there is no gas.

And the third point, which is, in principle, characteristic of previous years. We were pretty successful start of the heating season, except for a few small factors, unrepresentative and unimportant for the area. Chelyabinsk region was one of the first in the Urals Federal District signed a certificate of readiness for the heating season. In the area there are statutory reserves of fuel, created and maintained in a healthy state of the regional emergency supply (portable boilers and power plants, transformer substations, etc.). Therefore, assessing the current situation, we can say that the region has entered the heating season pretty well.

REGNUM: The Still, in several areas the heating season was in jeopardy. Some work with them will be maintained? For the first time there is a situation in these areas, or is it a trend?

No, this is not the first time. The delay in the municipalities is due to some factors. In Agapovsky area — because of the unresolved issue of debt. And while the head of the municipality did not take action before taking loans not paid off their gas industry, with transport organizations, "Chelyabenergosbytom" heating season did not start. I want to emphasize — it does not mean the technical preparedness, it was provided. In some areas the work was delayed for investors. But, of course, this situation is exceptional. We do not do it the norm. Of course, it would be amazing and beautiful, if an investor came with your money invested 30-40 million rubles, and even had time to time. But he, too, has its problems: with lines of credit and the supply of equipment. Not all investors all well formed with the connection. If specifically, in the area Argayashskaya delay the launch of one of the four modernized boiler was connected with the fact that until 10 October continued commissioning. After that date to put into operation. The other three boilers investor continues to mount. In this ongoing work is not associated with the termination of heating, because the old boiler still work as usual. Somewhere a problem with the owners of boilers that are not municipalities. The village Tyubuk Kasli municipal area was a definite problem with JSC "Milk tastes." The owners of the boiler house are located in Ekaterinburg, they were not particularly interested in applying heat to the housing. Although the boiler was technically ready, no permits have been issued with RTN. The blockade was deliberate: the owners wanted to sell boiler municipality. It was necessary to bring the administrative resource prosecutor for the enterprise is required to include heat. Were difficult cases, but they are isolated and do not affect the overall picture.

REGNUM: The Can you identify which municipalities Chelyabinsk region this year, well prepared, and in what could be the problem?

You know, the problems in the municipal infrastructure, unfortunately, always will be. From them, no one is safe. And does not pass any season without damage to the conduits, equipment, etc. Everything wears out. The main thing — it’s the overall state of the network and how quickly experts are ready to eliminate the accident. Readiness is determined by the speed of response. It is therefore very important that all breakdowns are removed in a timely manner to the level of emergency situations, we do not go out.

In the area there are quite a significant emergency reserve. It will provide a connection to the warmth of concrete objects — kindergartens, schools and even small hospitals. They can be provided from local boiler. The region in the event of serious accidents have enough diesel power. In case of power failure for a long time, they can be used to provide the same pumping power station boiler or other consumers.

REGNUM: The What degree of wear of heating systems?

We estimate the degree of deterioration at the level just below 60%. For Russia, this average. But on balance, is much higher. The fact that the present method does not allow accounting after reconstruction and repair to change the degree of wear. We have repeatedly appealed to the Government to ensure that the methodology was changed.

REGNUM: The Let’s go back to the boiler unprofitable. The task was to get away from them. Previously, it was unreal. To date, progress, and serious it is. And that fundamentally changed as investors began to come in?

Investor pledges of investment return over a certain period of time. This is important. Nobody just give your money will not be. It is clear that if the investor sees the effectiveness of the object, in fact, aware that it is possible also to make money, it is definitely considering investing, working capital or borrowed. Dozens of companies lent and invested in the modernization of boilers. The governor picked a clear position — the investor must return the money for the pay-back period. This is achieved by collective agreement. Fixed rate of return for a period of two years plus. The mechanism is simple payback. Today the rate on the boiler’s high, but it still does not allow to work efficiently. The investor sees that, by applying a new, energy-saving eq
uipment, new technology, for 4 years after the launch of the boiler it will get return on investment through the same rate. Moreover, he is given two years before he made a profit. And then the rate will be changed and set in line with actual costs. One may ask, how interesting people? But if you work on the old boiler house for the public will not change anything. Will still be a high rate, what is more, it will continue to grow, not only in relation to the rising cost of resources. The owner of the boiler will try to protect their losses through tariff.

In addition, inefficient source of heat, as a rule, more and unreliable source of heat. Because of the old equipment is much lower than consumer protection. Modernization of boiler only benefit the consumer. After the payback period of 2 years plus single tariff authority under the agreement will lead to tariff cost. This does not mean that it will be reduced. But he did not "jump" over. And if some of the components, gas, for example, will it even be reduced.

The second that helped attract investors — transparency. The site of Ministry of Construction, the media published a list of 155 boiler with a full list of indicators that are required for the feasibility study. With this information without having to travel to a place in the heat any competent investor can calculate the necessary amount of investment, useful output, income. If the project is beneficial to the investor, we will "reduce" with municipalities. Here the investor is looking in more detail the situation, the equipment, and make a decision. The task of the ministry — to provide competent to sign collective agreement. As a result, more than three dozen facilities modernized. If the business is not profitable, the investor will not invest in the modernization of boilers.

REGNUM: The When working with municipalities, investors do not have problems?

But why … Where there is no problem? Of course, they are. There are problems with the land, with consumers and supply of equipment, with the connection. Governor Mikhail Yurevich said clearly — the investor has to invest their funds in the boiler, and the municipality — to ensure their connection to the resource. Well, when the new boiler room is located next to the old. In this case it is sufficient to switch the electricity, gas. And if she is far away, but rather closer to the main consumers? There is an old boiler room and over 2.5 kilometers, when, for example, it was built for remote livestock complex, next to him. Now the complex is not, and boiler room remains, and 2.5 kilometers of heating heats the air. Why should a new investor will build a boiler room at the old place? He builds where these facilities will be the greatest load. But for this it is necessary to conduct gas, electricity and connect them. As the municipality to find the money to build it — is also a question. We solve problems together. Somewhere allocate funds for infrastructure around the municipalities themselves cope, in rare cases, the investor himself took over these costs.

REGNUM: The municipalities did not set conditions for investors to build infrastructure?

Set conditions. We have them corrected. It’s still the problem of the municipalities.

REGNUM: The What more of the Chelyabinsk region can do to improve through the heating season?

If we talk about accidents, they, unfortunately, are possible. I can not say that it is lack of preparation for the heating season. To prepare the perfect utilities will require tens of billions of rubles. After all, equipment, networks need to replace and modernize. Can you imagine what it’s mass? Of course, the amount of work carried out, which may hold, buy, and which will provide a minimum sustained passage of the heating season.

REGNUM: The question about the debt for energy resources. How is it this year?

We went up to the beginning of the heating season with debts of less than one month in the whole region. It is not even a reason to limit the supply of the resource. We go to the amount of current payments. At the beginning of November indebtedness of the municipal utilities of the Chelyabinsk region in front of the main suppliers of energy resources has been reduced to 0.1 monthly basis. This is 81.5 million rubles. There is an "exclusive" areas, where the debt higher. Because of the significant losses boilers always been famous for non-payment Agapovsky, Argayashsky, Satkinsky areas. But there are areas that are ahead of the payment. I think now in the Chelyabinsk region is stable system work. Problems with the repayment of debts for fuel and energy resources is, but in general, the situation is even and stable.

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