The highest air traffic control tower was built in the Ukraine in Donetsk


In Donetsk, completed the construction of the tallest in Ukraine air traffic control tower (52 m — Ed.). As we reported in the press service of PPG "Altcom" leading to the construction of a new AEROCOMPLEX Euro 2012, were working on the landscaping, and within a few days to be delivered.

As already reported, "Today," the tower, equipped with the latest navigational equipment, the Cabinet has allocated 125 million hryvnia. It has become a complement to the new vzletke cost of $ 225 million, c scale open in Donetsk at the end of summer (printed legendary band "Mriya." — Ed.). Construction of a new terminal with a tower and a new runway should do almost 5 billion USD. Authorities promise that the new airport will welcome its first passengers in early 2012. Already been approved and the name of the object — "Airport Prokofiev."


After its commissioning of air passengers to be taken in Donetsk, will grow by 30% a year. Experts predict that within 5 years of its annual capacity of 5 million people. This figure is comparable with the passenger traffic of the main airport "Borispol", which in 2010 received 6,650,000 passengers.

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