The history of recycling has 13 thousand years

History recycling totals 13,000 years, scientists have proved

Recycling and explore options for re-use of already used things — a very popular and useful activity today. But as a new study, "recycling", or processing involved since time immemorial.

Researchers from two universities in Catalonia, Spain, found that people were trying to deal with the growing volume of waste and have tried to recycle waste. Excavations carried out at one of the sites of the Upper Paleolithic in Tarragona, showed that their old tools and things that people often take apart, which, after use to create new tools. Most often receive a second life household items, they are often broken and required modification or replacement.
Of course, primitive people still did not have in mind the concept of recycling and waste, that each use things further use, it was an automatic response to a natural economic necessity. By doing so, people did not spend time looking for raw materials for the manufacture of new tools, which could also require a long time to leave the house, and it is unsafe. It is much easier to find a new use or repair the tool, which was left in the parking lot the previous tenants.

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