The horrors and realities of Cyprus

Got a link to a pamphlet exposing the unsightly manner known native zastroyshika.http :/ /Ни in the least questioning the facts and versions regarding Zavos Group, I would like to draw attention to the following "revelations" that reduce the level of righteous fervor some stupid zakazuhi. With that, the real claim to all individuals on hearing the names of Cypriot developperov, can be added to the pile Luny.Itak, in order:Myth One: "Cyprus is a paradise on Earth where" … the summer and winter! "Nonsense! — The landscape of Cyprus is a parched desert with sparse shrubs, where suitable for recreation are at best two months of the year. Besides. considering that the island is formed almost cloudy, there is a very high solar radiation. In July — August, the heat is unbearable, and the rest of the cold wind blowing from the sea. In addition, large cities on the coast do not have an autonomous sewer system and all the garbage discharged directly into the waters. More or less comfortable hotel beaches are 2-3, but otherwise it’s a miserable imitation of civilized Mediterranean. According to the pilots, offering land at Larnaca airport, this place is considered to be a risk zone, a complex maneuver for landing because of the constant squally gale-force winds and sand suspended in the air, brought from the African continent.And most importantly, what you have read in the glossy magazines — the island of Cyprus volcanic tectonics its earthen reservoirs is that of a low voltage may be an earthquake of magnitude 7.8 points, and the seismic resistance of buildings of local developers have a rather vague idea. How to find Geophysics: "… living on the island of the lunatic fringe."This paragraph can be considered completely delusional idiot or the author of "Komsomolskaya Pravda". With all the visible and invisible defects — the above text — a set of explicit and deliberate misconceptions vranya.Ya do not even know whether the points disassemble the flow soznaniya.Dalee:Myth Two: "cyprus work most honest developers" — a bluff that is broken at lightning speed on the content of this article. A massive attack on the minds of Russians, that in our country there are cases with unscrupulous developers, chased compatriots to foreign shores where the boats of their financial savings are broken down and dissolve in the chaos of the Cypriot legislation aimed at the destruction of foreigners. In law there is an aggravating term: "… an organized group of persons acting in a preliminary conspiracy," so that’s the know-how of Cyprus, which has a gangster organized group of companies consisting: of real estate developers, banks and some service companies, which are united by the same criminal intent !, allowing them for many years to pump money into their accounts good payers.Yes, thieves are everywhere. But! Rogues thrive where there is Pinocchio. A Russian citizens still act as Pinocchio. With that many Pinocchio yelling about deception over the hill, in fact — are the same crooks in Russia. Often even sincerely believing their own theft honest business. Of course if you decide to backtrack all the drifts and you subconsciously become a victim of other thieves, because the laws of habit represent something abstract and zaoblachnoe.Trete:Myth Three: "In the case of purchase of real estate, you are guaranteed a steady income from the rental of apartments for rent" — deliberate deception! On the rental of your apartment will make profit by anyone, not just you. Over the past 10-15 years, the island has formed a large diaspora of so-called shiftrayderov who have successfully passed a lot of money to their apartments in major cities of Russia and other CIS countries and have moved to Cyprus, where professionally, with the agility of a cat and a fox Basilio Alice, offer their services by renting out your apartment. As a result, as in any game of chance, you just settle miserable 2-3 prepay, and then it turns out that customers simply stopped going to the seaside town. With the knowledge of the victims, we can guarantee that in a year you will come to a completely killed the apartment, which as it turns out to work on their new owners at best, and at worst, in your apartment will stay unknown to you people that you can not evict because Cypriot legislation prohibits it.What can I say? Any sane administrator will tell you that buying a property in 99.99% of cases is a waste of money at best — a simple investment of capital without any benefits. Just maybe you do not like to keep money in the bank. Real estate is still a chance you have to sell in the future at a reasonable cost relative to the cost of the purchase. Those who want to revenues in excess of bank interest, please login somewhere in Cape Verde! :) Yes, you can take the apartment. It’s easier for you to pay the mortgage, no more. If Pinocchio tend to listen crooks, what’s the reality? Fourth:Myth Four: "buying property in Cyprus for more than 300 000 euros, you are guaranteed to receive citizenship of this country, which will open a" window to Europe "" — a blatant zamanuha! On this subject, the representatives of the competent authorities will not even talk to you and will refer you to those developers who promise you that. In the best case, having property on the island, you get a multiple entry visa to visit the island.About citizenship, of course, a myth. but, I recommend to go to the link: ll/689810B07B2F3A91C2257A69001F7F33? Open Documenti more:Myth five: "the absence of crime in the Republic of Cyprus" — lies, professionally supported by law enforcement agencies that simply do not investigate crimes and evade criminal cases, especially if the injured alien.Over the last decade, when Cyprus was falling from the Russian currency rain suckers, a whole generation of cynical bums hanging around the island in search of drugs and thrills. God forbid you to let go of his daughter or wife to the beach without a male escort, they will be guaranteed a close attention to two or three home-grown thugs who hooted with soliciting and will accompany them to the place of rest.If you take the number of crimes per capita — there is frankly inflated statistics. In law there is such a thing, "… the facts are stubborn things", even superficial evaluation of what is happening on the island enough to draw definite conclusions, in particular: — the years inconsolable father of Moscow’s attempts to find the killers of his daughter, who was thrown out of a hotel window scum in Limassol ;— Last summer, the city of Paphos, a local Zinosom Dimos was brutally beaten by Russian woman, old lady, a mother of two children, as a reaction to her statement to the police were subsequently threatening calls on her own cell phone number that she left the police station for communication it;— over time in the coastal cities of Cyprus with alarming regularity destroyed Russian-speaking businessmen.We do not intend to list all cases of crimes for which there was not any reaction on the part of law enforcement, but with full responsibility can be concluded that the stay on the territory of Cyprus is not safe.Declare that about "beaches and the wives and daughters" — is nonsense, no threat from walking the streets at night alone mean an attractive young woman is experiencing. As recently as last night’s girlfriend wife quietly, in 3:00, once again came home to us alive and destroy the Russian businessmen zdorovoy.Russkih, short comment here. Yes, the police can be a problem, but with enough self-control and self
-esteem, to make the Cypriot police to perform their duties, it is not comparable with the Russian general realiyami.V raised a topic on the content of the good, in the end looks, to put it mildly, pay material against Cyprus all.
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