The housing market in Kharkov returned to pre-crisis level

In the I half of 2012 in Kharkov were recorded significant increase in the rate of housing all the classes, said Anatoly Denisenko, president of Avantage. According to him, in comparison with the corresponding period last year, the pace of construction increased by more than half. Similar rates of construction were last recorded in the period 2006-2008 — before the global financial crisis.

The biggest change in the degree of readiness objects occurred in the class "economy": the stage of construction of changed every one to two months. This is primarily due to the relative ease of implementation of the projects in this class.

The second segment of the speed of construction has become a "business." There is a similar change took place every two months. In the class of "premium" changes in the degree of readiness objects are irrelevant at least — once every 2.5 months.

In 2012, the secondary market for residential real estate Kharkiv "came" funds. According to Andrew Pravdin, Director of the company KHAN (Kharkov real estate), it is confirmed by a number of factors.

First, the increased demand for three-and four-room apartments. Interest in them by customers increased by 10% and 50%, respectively (compared June 2011 to June 2012).

Second, the decreased demand for apartments in the popular residential areas, for example in Saltovka in favor of apartments situated close to the city center. Demand for such housing has increased by 40%.

Third, significantly increased the demand for apartments in the new building. In comparison with I quarter of last year, a 27% increase in the number of transactions with business real estate (apartments of more than 76-98 meters). And an 8% increase in the number of transactions with the elite real estate (apartments of more than 98 square meters).

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