The hull of mine defense Alexandrite derived from the matrix

The construction process of the newest ship of mine Defence (CSI) at the Mid-Nevsky Shipyard entering a new phase — December 25 prefabricated box Order 521 removed from the slipway and again wound up in another aisle.

  • (C) Fair photo-Nevsky Shipyard
  • (C) Fair photo-Nevsky Shipyard

The lead ship of a planned series of new coastal minesweepers Project 12700 "Alexandrite" is built by JSC "Mid-Nevsky Shipyard" in September 2011.

At the new location in a nearby factory span hangar housing units will have plenty of power plant, electrical equipment, will stretch out the cable route, mounted the platform and the deck. The plant has produced elements of the superstructure minesweeper. In the release of the first aisle, where the matrix shell is already started preparations for filling the next order.

  • (C) Fair photo-Nevsky Shipyard
  • (C) Fair photo-Nevsky Shipyard

Ship CSI Project 12700 is designed to Central Marine Design Bureau "Almaz" in a fully composite housing. Plant construction — Middle Nevsky Shipyard in the village of Pontoon near St. Petersburg is selected as having a wealth of experience built trawlers with housings made of plastic.

The new ship has a number of features — its body is made for the first time in Russia mastered vacuum diffusion method, mine arms will meet the most advanced requirements.

Today it is the largest ship with composite (non-metallic) body in the world — its length of 70 meters, displacement — about 800 tons. An estimated CMDB "Diamond", it is almost 1.5 times larger than global peers.

The design life of trawler 30-35 years, it has no magnetic signature, which is particularly important for the safety of the search and trawling minutes, and it is resistant to corrosion. The ship provides a sweeping most modern way — using onboard submersibles acting ahead of the. The unique positioning capability, and, at very high intensities of the sea — at 5 points, will detect all the modern sea mines, including silted.

As the CEO of SNSZ Vladimir Seredoho, delivery head the order is scheduled for 2013, in the same year at the plant will be carried out serial production of the "alexandrite", including for export.  

So it became izvesnchto that on November 27 the Board of Directors of JSC "Shipbuilding Plant" Severnaya Verf "approved the transaction with JSC" Mid-Nevsky Shipyard "for the manufacture and supply of the superstructure of polymer composite materials for the corvette the government contract from 27.03.2006 № 253 / 05/2/K/0546-06. Delivery times are defined for Phase I — October 2013, for Phase II — IV quarter of 2014.

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