The hunters Chukchi updated equipment

Chukchi sea mammal hunters received new boats, fuel, safety equipment and satellite tracking devices program of state seal hunting.


Large lot of material and technical resources for communities of marine mammal hunters brought in Chukotka in the framework of the state program to support seal hunting. As RIA the press service of the regional government, local fishermen to give eight large motor boats, fuel monitoring system for floating craft based on GLONASS, and Survival Gear.

Ship "Levadia" finished unloading the material and technical means for marine hunters Providence Bay area in the port of Providence. After that, the ship set sail with the remaining equipment in the Chukotka region. Currently, "Levada" is in Lawrence, where the unloading of material and technical resources while preventing adverse weather.

According to the Head of Agriculture and Food CHAO Eugene Marochkina, this year for the sea hunters Iultinsky area in the Chukotka Autonomous Area will be imported another batch of equipment, to be delivered from Vladivostok at the beginning of the second decade of November. It will include two large boats, fuel monitoring system based on GLONASS, etc.

The material and technical re-equipment and direct subsidies morzveroboynyh communities in Chukotka is carried out in the framework of the regional target program "State support of marine mammal hunting in Chukotka for 2009-2012." With a total funding of 378.2 million rubles from the regional and federal budgets. In 2010, the sea hunters received the first batch of equipment, which includes production and household units, boats, snowmobiles, saving property, etc. In the summer of 2011 a neighbor community villages Lorino, Lawrence, New Chaplin and community "Ankalyt" (" maritime nation ") are secured car" UAZ-Farmer. " As sea hunters of Chukotka got new radios and satellite phones.

Currently, the District of traditional craft carried eight neighborly community of marine mammal hunters, employing about 325 hunter-fisher. This year they produced 117 whales, and 2906 heads of marine mammals (walrus, Akiba, spotted seals, bearded seals, beluga).

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