The image of British scientists at risk: results of every tenth

falsified research

A series of major scandals tarnished the reputation of the scientists from the UK, who spend most of the world-famous research. Scientists could be fined millions of pounds for a fake discoveries. During the first half of 2013 they received 400 complaints from health care providers.

The British government is concerned that the country may at any time to lose second place in the world in the number of global studies, the newspaper Independent. Thousands of jobs will go to foreign competitors if cases continue to identify fraudulent results.

Therefore, 133 University countries will sign an agreement stating that if they hired scientists who were engaged in fraudulent research, is not enough to fire incompetent employees — for such actions schools will lose the opportunity to ask the new government grants.

According to human rights organizations Retraction Watch, every tenth study by British scientists has invalid data. Medical organizations have long sent a complaint to the results of research, but this year only for the first 6 months, the number has reached 400. Doctors noticed in the works of plagiarism, factual errors and no proven assumptions.

Spoil the reputation of British science is not beneficial to the government — in the face of financial crisis, scientific progress would help to improve the economic situation, experts believe.

Note that the scandals British scientists began in the late ’90s, when a virologist Andrew Wakefield, said his research has proven harm the measles vaccine. Wakefield announced a vaccination against measles, mumps and rubella vaccine causes autism in children. This conclusion was false, but thousands of families had to abandon important for the health of vaccine.

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