The implementation of new investment projects in the Rostov region will provide jobs for over 200 people

In an effort to attract investment into the region deputy governor of the Rostov region — Industry and Energy Minister Alexander Grebenschikov held meetings with representatives of the group of companies "Can-Pack" and JSC "Kamenskhimvolokno."

The company "Can-Pack" presented the construction of industrial building and installation of a production line for the production of aluminum cans nominal capacity of 950 million cans per year with all necessary infrastructure (warehouses, treatment facilities, etc.), project cost $ 106 million, the payback period — 5 years. Production is located in n Don and will provide jobs for about 200 people.

Manufacturing complies with all requirements — environmental, technical, food security, which is confirmed by Russian and European certificates.

The first bank to launch the company Dec. 12, 2012.

The group of companies "Can-Pack" has a twenty-two year experience in the production of metal packaging and eighteen years of experience in the production of beverage cans. The production company is represented by fourteen lines for the production of beverage cans in Europe, Asia and Africa, with a staff of employees 3,540 people and annual revenue of U.S. $ 1.2 billion.

JSC "Kamenskhimvolokno" realizes the project of production of high-strength software film threads, capacity 3800 tons / year. The use of modern technologies allow to produce polyolefin yarns of high stable quality, according to the European and world standards.

The project involves replacement of physically and mentally worn out equipment with modern, that will enable the company to maintain its leading position in the market of polypropylene fibers, attract new customers, increase the assets of the company. Furthermore, automated equipment entering a new reduced several times the amount of harmful substances in the production premises, and hence improve working conditions.

The project cost about 130 million rubles. Payback period — 4.7 years. Running lines is planned for July of this year, according to the Ministry of Industry and Energy of the Rostov region.

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