The implementation of the largest investment project in the Volgograd region Evrohim

More than 5,000 new jobs and up to 10 billion rubles in annual tax revenue — to get such a socio-economic impact will implement in the Volgograd region unique investment project Gremyachinskoe potash deposit.

We are talking about starting a Kotelnikovo area mining and processing plant. Investor — "EuroChem" — takes on not only the industrial component, but is — in partnership with the federal and regional authorities — a vast social project for the construction of infrastructure.

Currently, the field continues construction of shafts and main buildings combine. It will consist of more than 20 buildings of industrial and household purposes — they connect with engineering services and conveyor galleries.

Simultaneously, built and social infrastructure — in Kotelnikovo area will have new districts, institutions of education and medicine, travel, utilities and other facilities. There is already built three houses on 96 apartments, a dormitory for 200 people and a village to house 1,000 workers. Built bath and laundry plant, a sports complex and a dining room. Who laid 6 more apartment buildings and a hotel, and later in Kotelnikovo industrial zone will be 2 kindergartens, a school for 600 seats in the 250-bed hospital, a clinic for 500 visits and cultural and recreational center. In addition, the already received positive expert opinion for the construction of water supply and treatment facilities to the reconstruction of sewerage.

Examples of such large-scale public-private partnership for the last 30 years there have been not only in the Volgograd region, but also on the whole territory of Russia.

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