The implementation of two major projects in the energy sector was completed on November 17 in the Middle Urals

In Yekaterinburg ceremony include substation "Rowan". This is a joint project of the Urals and "Ekaterinburg Electric Grid Company". Substation 220/110 kV "Rowan" is the largest power generating facility of the city, built in the last few years.

Enter the SS "Rowan" will significantly improve the reliability of electricity supply south-western and central parts of the city of Yekaterinburg.

On the same day, the Governor Alexander Misharin participated in the start-up 200-kilometer transmission line "Northern — BAZ".


Construction of 500 kV overhead transmission line "Northern — BAZ" was conducted over three years. Implementation of the project worth more than 6 billion rubles demanded installation of support in remote places — the forest and mountain terrain. The first electricity for the new line was started remotely: the governor of the Perm region, Oleg Chirkunov filed electricity, is 200 kilometers from the substation "Northern", and Governor Alexander Misharin closed the line from Yekaterinburg, located 400 kilometers from the substation BAZ.

Alexander Misharin inspected the site of the substation and was satisfied with the result. According to him, the new power facility will significantly reduce the number of accidents and shutdowns in Yekaterinburg. In addition, with the help of the SS "Rowan" a new area of the city will be the Academic providing reliable energy, according to the governor.

Also with the help of the SS "Rowan" Energy hope to secure the city of Yekaterinburg in need of additional capacity on the 110 kV network. Thus, the SS "Rowan" will be a new supply center in the 220/110 kV.

"I was today at three events dedicated to the energy sector. On the whole, we now have in the tendency of increase of power output. Here today we have included an important object for the normal and proper functioning of our city. Among other things, for such an important project to date as "Academic", we first need a reliable power system. PS "Rowan" — the result of the hard work of power engineers, designers and builders. It is important that there be applied not only equipment of foreign businesses, but our plants, "- said Alexander Misharin.

The opening of the new substation will provide a reliable energy supply Yekaterinburg numerous large-scale events planned in the near future, said Vladimir Kritskyi.


The distinguished guests by pressing the button speitsalnoy launched the substation

"JSC" MRSC of Urals "and JSC" EESC "proved to be a reliable partner. It is the largest facility, which was built in recent years in the city. In addition, this substation will provide reliable energy activities that will take place here in the near future. I would like to congratulate all those involved in the project, "- said the deputy head of Yekaterinburg.

Valery Rodin thanked the authorities for the opportunity to build a substation paper without delay.

"I remember March 29, 2009, when we celebrated the beginning of its construction. And now, after only a year and a half station is fully prepared and put into operation. I am grateful to the authorities of the city and that helped promptly obtain all permits necessary for construction ", — said General Director of JSC" IDGC of Urals ".

The director of "Renova Stroy-academic" Alexey Vorobyov, also attended the event, became interested in the name of the substation, linking it with the name of a famous writer Boris Riabinina Urals.

"I would like to underline the name of the sub-station -" Rowan ". This year marks the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Ural writer Riabinina. Take this opportunity to appeal to the authorities to name a street in the Academy in honor of the writer. As for the project itself, thanks to him, we will be able in the second stage of the fifth quarter of the Academic build an experimental house with a fully electric heating ", — said Alexei Vorobyov.

By the way, Vladimir Kritskyi said that the decision on the name of the street has already been signed.

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