The imposition of homosexuality in Russia, fails miserably.

Against allowing same-sex marriages in Russia are the 85% of Russians, almost as many (87%) of the citizens do not wish to see in Russian cities were regularly gay parades, reported"Interfax"sociologists of the Levada Center, conducted in February, a survey of the adult population of the country.

According to them, the number of supporters of such marriages in the last three years has decreased from 14% to 5%, and those who do not mind a gay parade — still 6%.

Tolerance to the Lesbian and understanding their problems inherent in 23% of Russians who offer such citizens to leave alone, leaving them to fend for themselves, another 27% believe that such people should be given psychological help. The rest of society is set up categorical: 16% offer isolate homosexuals from society, 22% of them insist on compulsory treatment, and 5% — even on their "elimination".

Thus, in the Russian society, a 7% decrease in the number of those who offer to provide gays and lesbians "ourselves", a 5% increase in the number of those who think that these people should be treated, and 4% — of those who propose to isolate blocked from society.

Of the 1,600 participants in the survey, which was conducted in 130 villages from 45 regions of Russia, 80% of respondents were against giving gay couples the right to adopt children, 5% of respondents do not mind that, while 15% do not have a specific opinion on the matter.

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