The impression of a trip to Russia. Part Two

I would like to talk about this. In Moscow apartment of 60 square meters. meter costs about 400 thousand dollars. In Riga the same in size apartment is worth 60 million dollars. Interesting figures, does not it?

We well remember the Soviet times, when the apartments in Riga and Moscow were equivalent. You can easily be exchanged for an apartment in Moscow at the same apartment in Riga and vice versa. Moreover, the Muscovites tried to move to Riga, and this was considered a vital success.

What happened in the last twenty years? A prozoshli very serious changes in the value of apartments in Moscow and Riga. On what does the value of the property? Obviously, it depends on the value and prestige of the place where it is located. How much flat in the remote town of Latvia? Several times cheaper than in Riga. And why not? And because living in this town, no one wants and therefore the apartments there do not matter.

Apartments in Riga is seven times cheaper than in Moscow. Moreover, they are cheaper than the Russian provincial cities. Apartments in Riga can be compared only with the small provincial towns of Russia. If earlier it was believed to live in Riga even more prestigious than in Moscow, Riga is now turned into a deep province, which is practically useless. Theentire this suggests that Riga stands apart from the world of progressive development. And this, of course, we are not in any way please do not be.

Instead of watching the show and hot air, roll eulogies about the success of the consolidation, you need to take a close look at what proiskhoditt about what’s going on in the same Russian (which all the abuse) and look closely at themselves in what w … we find ourselves.

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