The improved engine AL-31F M2 for aircraft Su-27 is presented in Zhukovsky


Zhukovsky, June 27. (ARMS-TASS). The improved engine AL-31F M2 for aircraft Su-27 first introduced in Zhukovsky at the 2nd International Forum "Engineering Technologies — 2012". The engine was created in the second phase of the modernization of engines of the Al-31F, which conducts scientific and production center of Gas Turbine "Salute".

AL-31F M2 has significantly increased thrust in all modes, including up to 14,300 kgs in a special mode. In addition, significantly increased the assigned resource, with 2 to 3 thousand hours.

The new versions introduced specifically designed for this engine digital automatic control system such as FADEC, which has a total reserve of hydro-mechanical control of the main circuit of the engine and can be easily adapted to any "board", both analog and digital.

"Modernization of the AL-31F engine is no change in its dimensions and is aimed at preserving the possibility remotorization whole fleet of Su-27 Russian Air Force as well as foreign customers at no additional changes airframe or engine nacelles, entailing extra costs" — said korr.ARMS-TASS General Director of "Salute" Vladislav Masalov.

"Equipping the aircraft Su-27 upgrade the engine with these characteristics will significantly improve their performance characteristics," he added.

Bench testing engine AL-31F M2 on the ground and in high-altitude thermal vacuum chamber of the Central Institute of Aviation Motors (CIAM) confirmed its compliance with the characteristics of the declared parameters. Currently underway engine endurance tests to confirm the initial resource. In the production stage are engines for flight testing.

According to the developers of the engine, it has not only increased by 1000 kg thrust, but lower specific fuel consumption compared to its predecessor, the AL-31F engine of the M1. Subjected to refining low-pressure compressor, combustor and high pressure turbine.

The first phase of the modernization of the AL-31F was completed in 2006. Thrust in a special mode has been increased to 13,500 kgs. Assigned resource extended to 2 thousand hours. AL-31F M1 (Series 42) is used in the Su-27SM and Su-27SM2 the Ministry of Defense.

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