The increase in housing construction in Khakassia in 2012 was 11%

Territorial body of the Federal State Statistics Service of the Republic of Khakassia summed up in housing construction in the region in 2012. In relation to 2011, growth of housing up 111%.

Minister of Regional Development of the Republic of Khakassia Sergei Novikov commented on progress: "In 2012, just introduced by Khakassia 173420 square meters of housing. It is 111% in relation to 2011, when the builders put 156168 squares. In rural areas, marked by a very good gain: they put housing 25893 square, which is 120.7% by 2011 (the last year introduced a 21454 square meters). Significant in the past year was the introduction of individual houses in the cities and regions. If in 2011 the inhabitants of the Republic have introduced 65961 meter, then in 2012 — 81819 meters, accounting for 124% of the previous year.

Given that the President of the Republic of Khakassia Viktor Zimin confidently promoting the program and for allocation of land to large families and other citizens entitled to benefits for the individual building and the development of small villages, and by providing for the construction of housing land of youth, I think that next year we retain the momentum. The main thing for us — it is the maximum satisfaction of the demand for comfortable housing ", the press service of the Ministry of Regional Development of Khakassia

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