The increase in production at JSC SCC

Overall, the current year JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" plans exceeded the plan by 7%. Net income in terms of 228 million rubles is expected to be 530 million rubles due to revenue growth and cost reduction.

For 9 months revenues were $ 11 billion 87 million rubles, which is 2% above plan. During this time, to ensure a faster rate of productivity growth against wage growth (the growth of labor productivity — 36% of the average wage — 14.4%). At the end of the year is expected to increase wages in 2011 to 11.9% with an increase in productivity of 25.6%.

The quality of products supplied to consumers, made the first 9 months, consistent with the requirements of contracts, international standards and specifications. Claims for products delivered to the JSC "SCC" have been reported. All approved social programs and solutions, the collective agreement for 2012 are met.

As the General Director Sergey Tochilin SCC, 2012 to complete the plant is quite optimistic, with good economic performance that makes sure that next year the company will enter an even more ambitious plans.

"We need to not only keep, but to improve our socio-economic indicators, to ensure the effectiveness of each job and wage growth — said the CEO. — And of course, we have a lot of work to create a new conversion plant, upgrading sublimate production, as well as to comply with the tight schedule of the project "Breakthrough" at the site of the SCC. "

The head of the SCC also answered questions from the staff about the fate of the ski center "Amber" and sanatorium "Blue Rock", on social programs for the employees of the company and its subsidiaries, promotion project to build the reactor facility "BREST-300", future plans of the sectoral project "Territory Culture Rosatom". Employees were also interested in who will monitor the effectiveness of the use of tax deductions, which will go into the budget of Seversk projects Rosatom in the Tomsk region. At this Sergey Tochilin said: "SCC expects the program to the city government to create new jobs. In turn, the plant is ready to assist in the provision of redundant space for the organization of new businesses. "

For two weeks in the divisions within the plant will take 80 days to inform management of the combine meetings with the employees of the enterprise.

JSC "Siberian Chemical Combine" (Seversk) combines five plants handling nuclear materials and CHP. One of the main activities of the SCC — meeting the needs of nuclear power plants in uranium for nuclear fuel, the production of heat and electricity. It is a part of the Fuel Company "fuel elements" of the State Corporation "Rosatom".

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