The increase in production in the I quarter of 2011 Tractor, agricultural, forestry and road construction machinery industry was 55.4%

According to Rosstat data and information received by the Russian Engineering Union from manufacturers, in January — March 2011, compared to the same period last year, an increase of production in these sectors Engineering averaged 55.4%.


This is largely due to the fact that most companies supervised by the Committee mechanical engineering sector, the country has continued to increase production of almost all types of tractor, agricultural, road construction, materials handling.

With the arc side, some of the leading companies marked decline in production — in particular, the production of combine harvesters machines for municipal utilities, excavators, tower cranes.

The largest growth during this period showed balers (4.3 times), tractors for skidding (3.9 times), bulldozers and pipe layers (3.5 times), crawler tractors (3.1 times) wheel tractors (2.4 times), cultivation (2.2 times), forage harvesters (2.0 times).

The decrease in production for combine harvesters, machines for municipal services, excavators and tower cranes in January — March 2011 compared to the same period last year was:
— Tower cranes — by 45.0%;
— Excavators — 21.0%;
— Combine harvesters — by 15.8%;
— Machines for municipal services — by 2.8%.

A slowdown in growth of tower cranes due to the fact that since the beginning of the year produce goods only 2 of 6 companies, reducing the production of excavators due to the fact that the decreased release of a "SAREX" at 81.2% and the State Unitary Enterprise "Omsk Transport Machine-Building Plant" — by 61.5%, a decline of production harvesters due to the fact that major companies such as OAO "Rostselmash" and JSC "Bryanskselmash" reduced output by 21.6% and 35.3%, respectively, reducing the production of machinery for municipal services due spasmodic operation of the main producer of "Arzamas Municipal Engineering" (- 34.9%).

As of April 1, 2011 the number of vehicles not shipped increased by 121 apiece and made 8034 units, this is due to the fact that the dynamics of shipping on most items of the machines behind its production.

Much of the equipment not shipped (72.4%) are in grain, forage harvesters, trailers agricultural machinery, tractors, and is 5818 pieces. The trend of overstocking are indicated by growing back to the beginning of the global financial crisis had a strong effect on this sector, engineering and sustainable traced here from the end of 2008.

For the stabilization of the domestic enterprises a member of Bureau of the Central Union of Machine Builders of Russia Mikhail Nenashev speaking at the plenary session of the State Duma of the Russian Federation said that the debt restructuring of domestic enterprises of mechanical engineering and defense industry — a necessary measure to support Russian manufacturers. He also spoke of the fact that the state law has stimulated our national companies to acquire the domestic machinery products.

Issues related to the state of the domestic engineering industry in the post-crisis period and the solution of complex and large-scale problems of technological and infrastructural upgrading of the industry, the formation of a new innovative engineering generation, to ensure the competitiveness of the Russian economy in a globalized world, will be discussed May 11, 2011 in Tolyatti on W Congress Russian Engineering Union.
More detailed information on current topics and data received by the Committee for the I quarter of 2011 for the production and shipment of tractor, agricultural, forestry, municipal engineering, bridge and electric tower cranes, elevators can be found in the exhaust Committee information-analytical bulletin.


Committee of the Bureau of the Central Council of the All-Russian public organization "Russian Engineering Union" on tractor, agricultural, forestry, public utilities, road construction machinery (the Committee) was established April 3, 2008 and is a permanent consultative and advisory body to the Office of the Central Council of "Engineering Union Russia ".

The main objective of the Committee is to contribute to improving the mechanisms of the legal, regulatory, administrative and market regulation of machine building industries, providing for the development of the domestic tractor, agriculture, forestry, utilities, road building, material handling engineering and manufacturing of elevators, as well as the consolidated development programs the development of these industries mechanical engineering and the coordination and timely monitoring the effectiveness of their implementation.

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