The increase in production in the Russian defense industry enterprises in 2010 amounted to 13 percent

TSAMTO, March 4. In 2010, the increase in production in the Russian defense industry was 13%, the average wage in the industry increased by more than 16%, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, speaking in Bryansk on inter-regional conference of the party "United Russia" on the CFA.

According to him, "in 2009-2011. CFO at defense plants was taken orders for more than 0.5 trillion rubles. ‘.

Putin stressed that "our goal is to provide a comprehensive re army. The program is very intense, difficult for the budget. In parallel with the new LG we need to take another program — the program of re-equipment of the defense industry itself, because it is only possible with modern equipment to produce modern weapons. In parallel with the state armament program prepared plans for broad modernization of the defense industry, and provides some serious money on research and development. "

Putin proposed to actively engage in scientific work in the field of civil defense capabilities and innovative industrial clusters, research centers. Such an approach, he said, "allows you to create advanced dual-use technology. And in that sense I think the increased defense procurement by one of the most important tools of modernization of both the defense and the economy of our country. "

Putin further elaborated on the aircraft industry.

According to him, "in the Central Federal District, located our main aircraft design bureaus and research institutes. This is an intelligent, technological resource that must be used effectively for development of our economy. Therefore we create a National Center for aircraft construction. It will be located in Zhukovsky near Moscow. It’s a comfortable place, historically established for the implementation of such plans. It will include LII. Gromov, pilot plants and Sukhoi, Ilyushin, Yakovlev, Tupolev and MiG. The center we intend to form a powerful, high-tech research and manufacturing cluster — in fact, it will create an innovative area for the development of the aviation industry in our country.

During the difficult period of crisis, we have not given up support for the aircraft industry. In 2009-2010. to support the aviation industry was directed about 200 billion rubles. In the end we managed to ensure the implementation of all the projects with which the future of our aviation — both civilian and military. Just a month ago, has been certified by the passenger liner "Sukhoi Superjet-100". Package of "hard" orders for this machine is 150 units. This year, Rybinsk "Saturn" will release 30 engines for the "Superjet", and the next year — is about 70.

The Voronezh aircraft factory develops mass production of the Russian-Ukrainian An-148 passenger modifications and special — for the needs of the Russian Emergencies Ministry. This will be a unique letayuschie hospitals to provide emergency medical care. In the Mil and Kamov helicopters are working on the Mi-38 and Ka-62. Further studies using fifth-generation fighter. "

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