The Independent: Russia returns to the world stage in the status of


Agreement in Geneva proved that the Kremlin’s influence on global processes increases. This opinion after meeting Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and U.S. Secretary of State, John Kerry, who had managed to agree on proposals to resolve the Syrian crisis, it sounds more and more often. «Russia is back», so now many of the questions seemed certain, there again, writes The Independent.


The agreement, which managed to reach Russia and the United States for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union, found that the opinion of Moscow in the international arena, listen, the newspaper The Independent. The Russian position on Syria as an ally of Bashar al-Assad is beneficial to the Kremlin. This does not mean that Moscow swung to regain the power of the Soviet Union, but argues that Russia is not going to back down, according to the authors of the article.

Two and a half years ago, the United States and NATO have no hesitancy in the invasion of Libya to overthrow Muammar Gaddafi, hiding behind the limited humanitarian operation. For Russia the Libyan debacle was the latest in a string of setbacks since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991.

What is now radically changed the situation — it’s military and political weakening of the U.S. because of the defeat in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition, the situation is exacerbated by poor decisions Syria when the White House decided that to get rid of Bashar Assad as easily as from Gaddafi. In Europe and Washington have forgotten that the Gaddafi regime in Libya has failed, because the actions of Libyan rebels were supported by a full-scale military and NATO air campaign. If the operation failed, the Libyan rebels would never have won alone. This scenario, according to The Independent, applicable in Syria.

Actions of the United States in Syria were inconsistent because the U.S. government is opposed to the opposition as well as against Bashar al-Assad. Washington fear that if Assad is gone now, it can take place associated with "Al-Qaeda" militants. However, the dilemma can be resolved soon. Assad government does not intend to give up. Opposition fighters associated with the group "Al-Nusra Front", which co-operates with the "Al-Qaeda", gaining more and more strength. And so, when the U.S. Secretary of State tried to downplay the impact of the "Al-Qaeda" in Syria, the Russian president said: "He’s lying. He himself knows that he is lying. It’s sad. "

Syrian civil war has generated a lot of twists and turns, many of which have yet to be realized. However, after the war, the country will be weakened and divided. For the United States will no longer direct obstacles in order to establish their own rules there. Now on the agenda — a chemical weapon, but not the death of Bashar al-Assad, as it was before. So now resurgent Russia, which initially opposed the U.S. plans, and then made an agreement on the Syrian issue, will not allow the defeat of his protege.

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