The information war against the Universiade

This is our home Universiade medals gold, silver and bronze.

Emphasis is placed on sporting success of Asia, and the complete failure of the western world, from which adequately acted only Germany (and even that was at a sporting leaps and bounds from the GDR). Ukraine is trying very hard, but alas — remaining from the Soviet Union, too, has little yeast rod, like Lithuania. But hark — the cradle demokrazii United States has achieved 1 gold and 1 bronze medals, sharing 23th place with Israel. Less than Chinese Taipei. What Taipei — poor North Korea took 1 gold, 2 silver and 1 bronze medal, finishing in 16th place — above Hungary, the Czech Republic and Poland. Yes, really helped accession to the European Union athletic success during the Soviet era shone Hungarians, Poles and Czechs. Juche, it turns out, stronger demokrazii.

Well, now illustration — how is information warfare. The results of the Universiade, you saw Russia made a triumphant — find this triumph of anti-Russian material for nasty things problematic, so nepolzhivye media simply ignore the Universiade, and nothing about her prints. Here’s a screenshot of today’s sports section Heathcliff — see for yourself:

Universiade? No, not heard.  
"Sports" news about anything — that "Povetkin fired his manager" (it’s more important than competition) that "football team of Equatorial Guinea died of malaria" (damn, could see that the Russians are concerned — as there Equatorial Guinea, who did not get sick if among them), "Two mixed martial arts fighters beaten in a street fight" (alle, garage — it must be in the criminal chronicle the part about sports?) and so on.

Only deep in the basement of Heathcliff I found a mention of the Universiade. Article 8 July (when another triumph for Russia was not so obvious) is called "Russian basketball player complained about the size of the beds at the Universiade". Meaning of Article — Universiade g @ contrib because basketball player growing strongly over 2 meters was a bit short bed.’s Amazing how author resisted the temptation to finish her sentence," All is lost, overdue @ whether all polymers Wed tion @ p @ shka rolls on Wed @ r @ tion clearly. "Well, you understand.

And by the evening of July 8 all nepolzhivye sportkommentatory silent. Since proser Western demokrazicheskih athletes’ totalitarian putinoidy "has become all too obvious. The first rule of the U.S. State Department — if inconvenient truth can not misquote or slander, it must be silenced — firing on all cylinders.

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