The inhabitants of Astrakhan released into the Volga River about six thousand sturgeon

Four-month Russian sturgeon specimens grown in the center of Sturgeon "BIOS", Today brought in cages on the embankment of the Volga, so that everyone could participate in the reproduction of these valuable fish species.

The idea to involve the public in the project belongs to the Governor of Astrakhan Region Alexander Zhilkin. According to him, the program will be expanded reproduction of sturgeon in the next year there are going to join all the Caspian countries.

Today came the embankment mostly young people. They were caught with delight from the cages 50-gram sturgeon, kissed, gave them the names of the chute and released into the Volga. "In such a weight they are not afraid of any perch or pike — top predators, which should be afraid of juveniles" — the director of the center, "BIOS" Nina Bychkova. Only in this game — six thousand. About five thousand young sturgeon will go into the wild on October 20.

Released osetrenka and Governor Alexander Zhilkin. He noted that, traditionally, such shares are held in the delta of the Volga River, the fish quickly got to the Caspian Sea. But given that the city residents also expressed a desire to participate in the reproduction of sturgeon, it was decided to organize the production of juveniles and the central city waterfront. The fish swam from Astrakhan to the seaside without incident, its progress will accompany the boat fisheries. Sturgeon will live in the waters of the Caspian Sea to the sexually mature age, surviving individuals 10-15 years back in the Volga River to spawn.

In total this year in the natural habitat released about 750,000 sturgeon weighing 10 to 200 grams. "In the next year, the program will increase significantly — told reporters the governor Alexander Jilkin — Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has supported it and invited the heads of all the littoral states are actively involved in this process by using our achievements and methods of cultivation of the young." According to him, this will increase volumes of sturgeon to 30 million individuals in the year and then achieve performance in 50-100 million pieces of fingerlings per year. According to Alexander Jilkin, these measures will help to fully restore the sturgeon population in the Caspian Sea, which fits well into the strategy of development of the Astrakhan region.

In these slots juveniles are transported to the delta and released

used photos of Maxim Korochenko, Vladimir Tyukaeva, Eugene Polonsky, Ivan Larin

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