The installation of the simulator SUPERJET 100 in Ulyanovsk Aviation flight school

Fire fighting crew simulator assembly of Sukhoi Superjet 100 completed training center in Ulyanovsk Higher Civil Aviation School (UVAU GA), the report said JSC "CSTS" Dynamics " (Moscow reg., Zhukovsky)

The simulator is designed for teaching and training of crews SSJ-100 piloting, navigation and operation of on-board systems and equipment, as well as actions in the presence of failures, malfunctions, and special occasions in flight, in accordance with the guidance on airworthiness of aircraft. Under the terms of the contract simulator is made in accordance with the requirements for flight simulation training device level VII qualification ICAO 9625 from 2009

The common integrator of the project was "Dynamics", which undertook the development and implementation of common technical aspect simulator. CSTS carried shestistepennoy supply hydraulic motion system simulator, development and manufacture of force platform and decorative shell, the air conditioning in the cockpit simulator. According to the terms of reference "Speakers" BARCO company undertook the development and delivery of a fully integrated wide-angle collimation system display. In addition, the "speaker" was the complex of preparatory work relating to the preparation of the installation room simulator.

JSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft" (SCAC), in turn, performed works on supply and integration of the layout of the cockpit with a full set of on-board equipment and computer system with special software that simulates the flight dynamics of the aircraft and the operation of all its systems. In addition, the SCA carried out the supply and integration of systems generating images zakabinnogo space using the software "Aurora" and the acoustic noise simulation system development company "Transas".

For CSTS "Dynamics" participation in the creation of the simulator SSJ-100 was an important step on the path of market development of simulators for civil aircraft. In fact, the company was first developed its own Universal fitness module that can be integrated into the aircraft cabin mock-up, and that can be easily customized to the specific decision in future projects, the company reported.

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