The instrument for the analysis of blood clotting — a way to reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes

Developed in Russia a unique instrument aimed at combating the number one killer in the world, has not been seen on the website at all.
According to Eugene Chazova from cardiovascular diseases in Russia die each year 1.3 million people, representing 56 per cent of the total deaths. Oncological diseases annually claim the lives of 300,000 Russians, erroneous diagnoses — 70,000.

A few years ago, a team of researchers from the Hematology Research Center, Center for Theoretical Problems of Pharmacology Sciences and the Physics Department of Moscow State University under the direction of Fazli Ataullahanova found that the results of basic research of mechanisms of regulation of blood coagulation may be of direct practical value — at the forefront of the fight to premature mortality from cardiovascular diseases .

Thanks to the device, which analyzes blood clotting, may reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes by half.

"Formula Business" Igor Pivovarova, TV channel "Russia 24" from 12.05.2011:

Moderator: What is the secret of success in innovative business? Our program — the people who know the exact answer to this question. Together, we try to derive the ideal formula business.

Today we’ll meet a man who knows how to reduce the number of heart attacks and strokes at least twice. All thanks to a device that analyzes blood clotting.

CORR.: Doctors even in the XXI century are not taken to make long-term predictions about the state of the heart and blood vessels in people over 40. But Russian scientists have been able to create a machine that can predict the risk of blood clots. These blood clots — the main culprits of heart attacks and strokes cause more than 50% of all deaths in Russia. The promotion of this new product on the market has been a businessman with scientific backgrounds — Igor Brewers.

HOST: If all you talk about your instrument — it’s true, you should already be known and rich as Bill Gates. What is the reason, why has not it?

Igor BREWERS, head of the "GEMAKOR": Well, a good analogy. One-off it. If you remember how to develop the personal computer market, it turns out that once they do, no one believed. It never occurred to me that every house will stand PCs. And now they are everywhere. And I think that our project is yet to come. We have a long way to explaining the problem, showing, proving that we can solve it better, and that we have a solution to this problem. We are able to predict heart attack — a terrific thing! Nobody in the world can not predict thrombosis, but we can do. And we want to give this tool in the hands of doctors.

CORR.: The idea of the device belongs to the Russian scientist Fazli Ataullahanovu. Its effectiveness is confirmed preclinical studies in Russia, USA and France. Fazli decided to make a successful prototype in a serial product and are helping Igor Pivovarova was very helpful.

Fazli Ataullakhanov, Sc.D.: We are engaged in science for many years. And at the Physics Department of Moscow State University have tried a lot of different things. And so, when it became clear that in this problem there is a lot of questions, which I do not fit, it became clear that Igor — this is the unique right person who has already tried, and quite successfully, to develop their own business.

CORR. Igor Brewers at this point already had experience in sales of medical equipment. And therefore took over the marketing side of the project, leaving Fazli opportunity to do things you love — science.

Moderator: Igor, you are very hard to catch. Right now, just 2 hours before departure, we are at the airport. Where do you fly? What do you expect from this meeting?

Igor BREWERS: I fly to Kazan Venture Fair. We have a whole plane charter one venchuristov. People who make innovative projects, all coming together as a get-together fly there. There I took a judicial commission of choice as to the best fair project.

Moderator: Some people believe that a scientist should do science, and businessman — to sell. You are more who?

Igor BREWERS: Now a lot of people quitting the science that went into the business. And it is very good when these people do not just use their fundamental knowledge in order to be effective as a sell, but to embody. I love incarnate. Some dreams materialize.

CORR. Igor Brewers as a businessman with a scientific education was able to explain to investors why investing in a company GEMAKOR bring solid dividends. Inexpensive test for the risk of thrombosis is sure to be in huge demand, it’s — the way is likely to prevent a heart attack or stroke, and save millions from premature death.

Paul Rodyukov, senior investment manager at JSC "RUSNANO" Igor was able to reveal to investors in plain, simple, accessible language are the subtleties of scientific research, technological ones, say, the nuances that are inherent in the design, so that it became clear not only to scientists, but also to investors, and caused a sufficient level of confidence.

CORR.: Complete the testing of the device, to adjust its mass production come from the company RUSNANO and "Sberbank Capital". They invest in this project more than half a billion rubles.

Moderator: How long have you been working on promotion? And if there were those moments when I wanted to say, do not want to deal with this, drop everything and go to sell a proven medical technology, and everything?

Igor BREWERS: There were, of course, such moments, to be honest. Our project — about 12 years there has been scientific work, 2.5 years it has taken to get the money. And here I am well aware of RUSNANO, because it was made by the mass and the mass of expertise to understand that we have a really cool project. But, of course, happened, sometimes losing my heart, really. That is, this process is very painful at times when … well, it happens sometimes, everything cease to believe that we will reach the end of the road that we can do. Sometimes, yes.

HOST: What then happened that you decided to continue?

Igor BREWERS: Well, I would say that this is my teacher Fazli. We used to form the following, I would say, very organic pair, I think. When there was something wrong — of course, I came to him just to talk. And he always said, well, break through! And broke!

CORR.: In business venture to assume that the success of any enterprise only 20% dependent on the idea and good design. The lion’s share goes to the effort to make the mass product, bring it to market and create demand. Already, major medical centers, which deal with the problems of the heart and blood vessels, ready to buy a device for determining the clotting of blood. Its commercial sales will begin next year.

HOST: Your formula business?

Igor BREWERS: Formula businesses — this is when there is good, the present case and a team that believes in this case. Then do anything. You can do anything you want.

HOST: This is the formula businesses Igor Pivovarova. Now you too know. See you there!

Source: Russia 24, 01.09.2011

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