The intensity of the operations of the Northern Fleet naval aviation is growing

More than 2,000 pilots and maintenance personnel, aviation support services to ensure flight took part in the training flights of the Northern Fleet naval aviation.

In the course of the flight crew change ASW aircraft Tu-142, Il-38 and Ka-27 air bases of the Northern Fleet naval aviation tactics worked search and tracking submarines, using the capabilities of radar and sonar detection.

Continue to improve the skills of flight from the deck of the heavy aircraft-carrying cruiser "Admiral Kuznetsov" pilots separate naval fighter regiment. They adjusted to auto-Semitism actions during takeoff and landing, master the most difficult elements of air combat, interception of high-speed high-altitude targets, hone piloting skills.

Training flights ship 25UTG Su-33 and Su-held over the Barents Sea in the ranges of combat training of the Northern Fleet. 

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