The intensity of the Pacific Fleet naval aviation operations increased by 15%

In the past year, the intensity of the operations of Pacific Fleet naval aviation increased by 15%, all tasks are done with good quality. Pilots make long flights to perform combat training missions in the Arctic region, including the North Pole.

In 2013 the school year before the Pacific Fleet naval aviation are equally important tasks, in particular, for the first time in many years, they will resume flights to refuel in the air.

Today, marine pilots provide air cover Russian ships away from home shores, desantiruyut Marines in the exercise area and are ready to assist vessels in distress. In addition, airmen PF performed search and rescue operations to ensure the navy, air force and other departments launches spacecraft.

Deck-based aircraft is a traditional participant of all long-distance hiking the Pacific Fleet warships. "This is a demonstration of the national flag of Russia, the representation of our country in international territorial waters, including in areas that are currently not worry. Our pilots as part of the crew of the Russian ships are on combat duty in the Gulf of Aden, "- said the acting chief of the Pacific Fleet naval aviation Colonel Andrei Kovalev.

In addition to the planned military training, more than 10 crews of naval aviation showed their skills on the waters of Japan and Okhotsk Sea during the last large-scale exercises of troops (forces) of the Eastern Military District. Maritime Helicopter pilots participated in the largest international naval exercises "Rimpak-2012" in the Hawaiian Islands.

As pointed out by the command of the Pacific Fleet naval aviation, recently part of aircraft undergoing planned upgrades in the new year will be coming to the fleet already in the updated quality.

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