The invention of scientists from HSCI produces various tissues of the human body

Moscow, July 20, 2012. Research Unit Institute of Human Stem Cells (HSCI), Laboratory of Cell Technology, received a diploma in the nomination RosPatent 100 best inventions of 2011 Russia (Russian Federation Patent number 2,384,618 "Method of fibroblast-like cells from umbilical cord baby"). The grand award ceremony was held on 28 June 2012 at the meeting of the Scientific and Technical Council of Rospatent and FIPS of the Day of the inventor and innovator.

Patent "Method of fibroblast-like cells from umbilical cord baby" in the State Register of Inventions of Russia March 20, 2010. The developed method enables the highlight of the newborn umbilical cord so-called fibroblast-like cells that, under certain conditions, you can get various tissues of the human body.According to the director Gemabank, Prikhodko Alexander V.,

"The importance of this patented technique consists in the fact that in the future selected and stored in the fibroblast-like cells Cryobank newborn umbilical cord can be used to treat a variety of diseases. Fibroblast-like cells of the newborn umbilical cord is easily cultivated (multiply) in the laboratory. The number of these cells can be increased by several thousands of times without losing their effectiveness. After culturing, the cells can be stored at very low temperature for many years and, if necessary thawed and used in clinical practice for creating tkanevoinzhenernyh skin grafts, skin aging correction, the treatment of burns and other disorders. "


Ltd. "Laboratory of Cell Technologies" (LCT) — HSCI research unit in Russia, to develop new technologies and drugs on the basis of methods of cell and gene therapy. Development team are protected by several patents.

JSC "HSCI" (Human Stem Cell Institute, — Russia’s public biotechnology company founded in 2003. Areas of activity include HSCI research and development, as well as the commercialization and marketing of their own innovative medical products and services based on cellular, genetic and post-genomic technologies. HSCI owns the country’s largest bank personal storage of umbilical cord blood stem cells — Gemabank ®.

Since 2012, HSCI launches the sale of the first Russian gennoterapevticheskogo drug Neovaskulgen ® (treatment of ischemia of the lower limbs atherosclerotic), and began active implementation on the Russian market of socially significant project for implementation of genetic counseling for early detection and prevention of hereditary diseases (program " Gemaskrin "). In 2011, the Company launched a new service aesthetic medicine SPRS-therapy (based on RF technology Roszdravnadzor permitted use of autologous dermal fibroblasts to correct age and scar defects of the skin). May 24, 2012 the Federal Service on Surveillance in Healthcare and Social Development of the Russian Federation issued a Human Stem Cell Institute (HSCI) Registration Certificate number SSF 2012/12193 on the device for the treatment of human adipose tissue Celution produced by the American company Cytori Therapeutis.

HSCI — the largest private multi-stakeholder co-investor of the project "SinBio", whose goal is the development and production of unique new drugs for implementation in domestic and global market. The "SinBio" is implemented with the participation of RUSNANO and a number of Russian and international biopharm companies.

In December 2009, Human Stem Cell Institute completed an initial public offering of shares on the MICEX (ticker: ISKJ) — the first IPO biotechnology company in Russia. The shares HSCI has opened bidding on a new site for innovative and growing companies — MICEX MII.

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