The invention of the Krasnoyarsk graduate

Andrei Belousov, a graduate student of the Siberian Federal University, came up with a way to reduce the cost of production of glass chameleon for not wanting to part with tinted car.

Fans can order today tinting glass with liquid crystal elements, the level of light transmission which is controlled by the remote control. However, their high cost deters many.

As told Andrei Belousov, he developed technology will reduce the cost to 5 th. per square meter. Thus, tinting the windshield of the car will cost 5-7.5 thousand rubles.

The apparatus consists of two optically transparent electrode bonded to the perimeter. The space between them is filled with a special compound that is based on an ion-conducting electrolyte and the electrochromic film. When a low voltage DC changes transparency and transmittance electrochromic compositions glass decreases or increases. To change the status of transparency glass constant current makeup is not required — the composition has a "memory effect."

  • Andrey Belousov
  • Andrey Belousov

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