The Israeli government intends to create a database of biometric data


Text:Russia Today

The Israeli authorities are seriously concerned about the problem of identity theft, that is a crime in which the stolen personal data rights. To combat this, as well as forgery, Israel will be established base of biometric data. However, not all citizens are satisfied that the authorities intend to collect and store such information. The details — RT correspondent Paula Slier.


As part of the pilot program, which operates in the country for two years, citizens are offered voluntarily to scan faces and fingerprints. Once this information appears in the database, the police, the army and security services have access to it, does not require a court order. And with such an order, all the data can be transferred to other departments, including foreign ones. If this practice is successful, Israel will set up a full-scale database of biometric data. But many people are against this innovation.

"For reasons of privacy of personal information, as well as for financial reasons, the price that you pay to the Government passing your photo and fingerprints, is too high. This creates a risk that the database is compromised or used against you face corrupt or corrupt government officials, "- said the Israeli Counsel Movement for Human Rights in the Digital Age Jonathan Klinger.

However, proponents of the program have a different opinion. According to the director of the research program "The army and Strategy" Gabi Siboni, everyone using Facebook or other social networks, he publishes the biometric information."We are all marked in the pictures, we do note its location. We transmit your biometric information to private companies, and no one in particular does not think about it. But when it does state on it for some reason react very negatively ", — Explained the Ciboney. The director of the research program is sure that the government will use this information solely for the safety of citizens.

In Israel, the cases of forgery and identity theft — not uncommon. One of the latest victims of criminals became Yoav Maor, a member of the Israeli version of the reality show "Big Brother." According to Maor, when he called the police and reported that he had stolen the documents, he did not believe it.

"At first I thought I was kidding, but then I realized that all serious. Police have arrested a man who stole the identity documents. He stole mine, and then opened in my name a number of accounts. A week later I received a letter from the mobile operator with the requirement to pay a few thousand shekels, "- said the victim.

However, even Yoav Maor, who did not object to his every move watched dozens of cameras against the creation of databases of biometric data. Hero of the reality shows are concerned, the information it gets a government that will be able to locate him.

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