The Japanese are choosing Transsiberian

Recently, more and more Japanese companies choose to deliver products to Europe, the Russian Trans-Siberian Railway. The reason for this is simple — many Japanese companies moved their production to China and Eastern Europe. The shortest route of delivery of components and finished goods between the two regions of the world is the territory of Russia. Therefore, in the hope of reducing their transportation costs major Japanese electronics makers have paid attention to the Trans-Siberian Railway. For example, a corporation Toshiba began to carry on the Russian rail cargo from Dalian (China) on TV plant in Poland. Compared to shipping time was cut in half — to 20 days compared to 40 by sea. And if done right logistics transport time can be reduced to 9-11 days. By the same conclusion and European manufacturers. Corporation BMW also started to use the Russian route for shipment of goods from Germany to its plant in China.


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