The Japanese have learned to simulate human dreams




The Japanese company Takara Co. has created a machine that is able to simulate dreams. The instrument was called "Yumemi Kobo", which translated from Japanese means "master of dreams."

User bedtime should look at the image of the one he wants to see in a dream, and then save the setting in the "workshop" a coherent story, which will be the dream scenario of the future.

The machine uses a recorded voice, light and sound signals, and special smells, by which the phase of "REM" sleep with simulated dream. With the help of special lighting designers have ensured that the dormant remember their dreams during a mild shock that occurs at the moment of awakening.

The company said that the "workshop" is not over, and that it is experienced by employees Takara Co. Most of the testers said that they saw in a dream that is what they wanted, but some complained about the inconsistency of the scenario, or the presence of sleep unplanned actors. It is reported by BBC.

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