The Jewish AO K & Sutarsky mine was connected to the Trans-Siberian

Ltd. "Petropavlovsk — iron and steel" (100% owned by IRC Ltd, selected from the Steel Alliance GC "Petropavlovsk") has established a middle span overpass over the Trans-Siberian Railway, thus completing a key stage in the creation of infrastructure Sutarsky K & Mining Plant obogotitelnogo.



Installation span overpass was held between the stations and Lime Kimkan Obluchensky in the area of the Jewish Autonomous Region. With the construction of the overpass completed construction of the most technically difficult part of the access road from the site K & Mining Sutarsky the railroad. On the access roads will be transporting steel products plant to be built in the immediate vicinity of the station Lime, on the railroad for delivery to consumers.

Work on installation of 34-meter span weighing about 100 tons were accompanied by the overlap of Trans-Siberian Railway is seven hours, disconnecting and removing the catenary line of the longitudinal electrical, optical-fiber communication. After performing the work completed through coordinated work of bridge builders and railroad in time, movement and communication in the area fully restored, the report said.

Construction of the overpass is from April 2011. Construction work performed by contractors building company "Bridge-East."

"The uniqueness and complexity of the realization of this engineering solution lies in the fact that span to put in a curved section of track radius of 400 meters with a slope of 0.016, the angle of intersection of the bridge with the existing railway is 65 degrees," — said the deputy director of rail transport Kimkano Mining-Sutarsky Vladimir Andreev.

K & Sutarsky Mining is a complex of iron and steel enterprises, the creation of which are carried out by "Petropavlovsk — iron and steel industry." The production capacity of the plant will amount to 10 million tonnes of ore per year. Capital expenditure for the establishment of the plant is estimated at 312 million dollars. Commissioning is scheduled in the first half of 2014. The development of fields, Mining and construction of all necessary infrastructure elements will ensure the creation of about 2 million new jobs.

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