The Jewish lobby in the U.S. and in France

The lobby in the U.S.

In the U.S., home to 6 million Jews, the Jewish vote could be decisive, because a large number of not participating in the elections and in the absence of significant differences between the two parties win the elections can often provide a gap of 3-4%.

In addition, the shaky support of public opinion is largely dependent on the image of the candidate, on his skillful display on TV and, ultimately, on budget and policy options "marketing". In 1988, for election to the U.S. Senate candidate required $ 500 million. "

Source: Alain Cotta. Capitalism in all its states. Ed. Fayyar, 1991, pp. 158.

The most powerful lobby officially accredited to the Capitol, it AIPAK (American Israel Public Affairs Committee).

The power of the Jews in the United States was as early as 1942, when at the "Biltmore" in New York extremists Congress decided it was time to move from "Jewish homeland in Palestine" (Balfour promised to slow the colonization of land by purchase under the English or American protectorate) to the creation of a sovereign Jewish state.

The duality that characterizes the history of Zionism, is expressed in the interpretations of what efforts were crowned with Herzl, namely the Declarations Balfour (1917). The formula "Jewish national home" dates back to the Basle Congress. Lord Rothschild has prepared a draft declaration on the "national principle of the Jewish people." The final text of the Balfour Declaration was not talking about the whole of Palestine, but only on "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." Everyone was talking about the "focus", as if it was a spiritual and cultural center, and actually think about the state, as does the HerzlSufficiency. Lloyd George wrote in his book "The Truth about the Peace Treaties" (1938; v. 2. s. 1138-1139): "I do not need to doubt that it was then on the minds of members of the cabinet … Palestine should become an independent state." It is noteworthy that General Smuts, a member of the War Cabinet, said in Johannesburg, November 3, 1915: "Future generations will see in Palestine reemerged great Jewish State."

26 January 1919, Lord Curzon wrote: "When you Weitzman says something, and you think about the" Jewish homeland ", he means something quite different: a Jewish state and an Arab population, subordinate to the Jews and to manage them. He tries to pull it off under the cover of the British guarantee. "

Weizmann was clearly explained to the British government that the goal of Zionism — the creation of a Jewish state (with 4-5 million Jews). Lloyd George and Balfour assured him that "using the term" national home "in the Balfour Declaration, we had in mind the Jewish state. "

May 14, 1948, Ben-Gurion proclaimed in Tel Aviv Independence: "The Jewish State in Palestine, to be called Israel."

Despite the differences between those who, like Ben-Gurion believed that the duty of every Jew in the world to come to this country, and those who thought that the actions of Jews in the United States and more important for Israel itself, top scored latest trend of 35,000 Americans and Canadians who came to Israel and settled in it only 5400.

Source: We are one! American Jewry and Israel. New York, 1978.1 p. 265-266.

Statesof Israel was adopted at the United Nations because of the shameless pressure lobby.

Eisenhower did not want to quarrel with the Arab oil-producing countries, "a wonderful source of strategic power and one of the greatest wealth in the history of the world," he said.

Source: B and C. Ethnic relations and foreign policy, p. 81.

Truman by electoral considerations set aside the scruples. Just did and his successors.

About the power of the Zionist lobby and the Jewish electorate Truman himself before a group of diplomats in 1946: 'I'm sorry, gentlemen, but I have to reckon with the hundreds of thousands of people who want to succeed Zionism. Among my constituents not thousands of Arabs. "

Source: William Eddy. Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ibn Saud. New York. "Livre frendz of-the Middle East," 1954, p. 31.

Former British Prime Minister Clement Attlee confirms this testimony: "The U.S. policy in Palestine was determined by the Jewish vote with donations large Jewish firms."

Source: Clement Attlee. Prime Minister recalls. London, 1961, p. 181

Eisenhower, along with the Soviet Union stopped in 1956, the Israeli aggression (backed by Britain and France) in the Suez Canal zone.

Senator John F. Kennedy showed no enthusiasm for the subject.

In 1958, the Conference of Presidents of Jewish associations Klyutsnika authorized the President to come into contact with Kennedy as a possible presidential candidate. Klyutsnik said bluntly: "If you say that we should, you can count on me, or turn away from you, not only me."

Source: We are one! S. 265-266.

Klyutsnik Kennedy explained that he has to sayit: Eisenhower during the crisis was behaving badly, while Truman in 1948 was on the right track … Kennedy followed this "advice" in 1960, when the Congress of Democrats elected him as a candidate after his statements in New York before he was Jewish representatives 500 000 dollars in the campaign, Klyutsnika as an advisor and 80% of the Jewish vote (ibid., p. 271-280).

During the first meeting with Ben-Gurion at the "Waldorf Astoria" in New York City in the spring of 1961, John F. Kennedy said, "I know that he was elected thanks to the votes of American Jews. I am indebted to you for your victory. Tell me what I should do for the Jewish people. "

Source: Edward Tivman. The lobby. S. 56.

Lyndon Johnson went even further. An Israeli diplomat said: "We have lost a great friend, but found an even better … Johnson best of friends, which the Jewish state has ever had in the White House."

Source: IL Kenen. Line of defense of Israel. Buffalo, 1981, p. 66-67.

Johnson and in fact had strong support from the Six Day War in 1967. Since 99% of American Jews support the Israeli Zionism. "To be a Jew today means being associated with Israel."

Source: Shlomo Avineri. The formation of modern Zionism. New York, 1981, p. 219.

UN resolution number 242 in November 1967, demanded the release of the territories occupied during the war. De Gaulle after the war declared an embargo on arms shipments to Israel. The U.S. Congress followed suit. But Johnson in December, despite the ban under pressure AIPAK ordered to put the aircraft "Phantom", ordered by Israel.

Source: B and k, p. cit. with. 65 and 66.

In gratitude, Israel did not criticize the war in Vietnam.

Source: Abba Eban. Autobiography. S. 460.

When in 1979, Golda Meir came to the U.S., Nixon compared it with the biblical Deborah and praised the Israeli prosperity.

Source: Steven Spiegel. The second Arab-Israeli conflict. University of Chicago Press, 1985, p. 185.

The Rogers Plan, basically repeating the UN resolution number 242, was rejected by Golda Meir (Kenen. p. Cit., P. 239).

Nixon has put Israel further 45 "Phantoms" and 80 bombers "Skyhawk"

Nasser died on September 8, 1970. Sadat offered Israel peace. Foreign Minister Dr.ate Abba Eban was willing, but the defense minister Moshe Dayan refused.

Then Sadat October 6, 1973 began the attack, which was named in honor of Yom Kippur, the soldiers, and destroyed the reputation of Golda Meir, who was forced to resign April 10, 1974. it was followed by Moshe Dayan.

However, the Jewish lobby on Capitol Hill in Washington reached great success in accelerating re Israel received $ 2 billion under the pretext of fighting with rival Arab lobby.

Source: Neff. Warriors of Jerusalem. S. 217.

Jewish money banks on Wall Street added to government assistance.

Source: B and k, p. cit. with. 65, Abba Eban. Cit. cit. with. 460.

21 people have donated more than 100,000 dollars to Senator Hubert Humphrey. 15 of them were Jews. First of all, they were the leaders of the "Jewish Mafia" in Hollywood, such as Leo Wasserman. In total, they owned more than 30% of the funds elected Democratic Party.

Source: Stephen Isaacs. Jews and American politics. New York, 1974, ch. 8.

AIPAK again mobilized and got three weeks to May 21, 1975 signed 76 senators who demanded from President Ford's support of Israel by their example.

Source: Shehai. Arabs, Israelis and Kissinger. S. 175.

Jimmy Carter followed the beaten path. In the synagogue in Elizabeth, New Jersey, dressed in a blue velvet robe, he said: "I worship the same God as you. We, Baptist, we read the same Bible as you. " And concluded: "The survival of Israel is not a matter of policy. It is a moral obligation. "

Source: "Time" on June 21, 1976.

It was a time when Begin and religious parties in Israel have taken away power from the Labour Party. "Begin considered himself more Jewish than Israeli" — writes his biographer.

Source: Silver. "Begin: the phenomenon of the prophet." S. 164.

In November 1976, Nahum Goldman, president of the World Jewish Congress, came to Washington and met with the president, Vance and Brzezinski, the Carter administration made an unexpected advice to "destroy the Zionist lobby in the United States."

Source: "Stern", New York, April 24, 1978.

Goldman has devoted his entire life to Zionism and played a primary role in the lobby since Truman. Now, however, he said that his own creation, the conference president, played a destructive role and is the main obstacle to peace in the Middle East.

Begin was in power, and Goldman decided to bring the mine under his policy, to eliminate its own pressure group.

Six years later, Cyrus Vance, one of the participants of the meeting, reiterated the proposals Goldman: "Goldman called us to destroy the lobby, but the president and the secretary of state said they were unable to do so, and that it could open the door to anti-Semitism."

Source: Interview with Cyrus Vance Edward Tivnanu, "lobby", 1987, p. 123.

Begin by dividing the power with the Labour Party, has appointed Moshe Dayan Foreign Minister Shimon Peres instead.

Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of the United States of Jewish Schindler welcomed this turn to extremism and Dayan emphasized pragmatism. Begin at one time did not much care about the American Zionists, whom he considered to support Labour.

But the American business community, noting the influence of the rabbis to Begin and above all the commitment of the last "free enterprise" (as opposed to state intervention under Labour), welcomed the agreement at Camp David (September 1978). Sadat made a separate peace with Israel, has not mentioned the issue of Tsiziordanii (Judea and Samaria, the biblical lands on Begin) and only regained the Sinai, which was not to Begin "Land of the Bible."

Source: Stephen Isaacs. Jews and American politics. 1974, p. 122.

In 1976, Carter received 68% of the Jewish vote in 1980 — only 45%, because during his presidency F15 aircraft sold to Egypt and Saudi Arabia — the system "AWACS", stipulating, however, that these weapons will never be used against Israel because the American army controls it and manages all the data from the ground.

However, Reagan defeated Carter in 1980 and has provided Israel with military loan of $ 600 million over two years.

Begin by making sure after Camp David that Egypt will not hit from the rear and that of the "AWACS", sold in Saudi Arabia, are entirely under the control of the Americans, the latter showed his capacity for preventive war, killing without a declaration of war (like the Japanese American fleet at Pearl Harbor and Israelis Egyptian air force during the Six Day War) Iraq's Osirak nuclear facility, built by the French. Begin asked in this case to the same sacred myth.

"Do not ever be a second Holocaust."

Source: "Washington Post, June 10, 1981 is

Encouraged by the weakness of the U.S. protests, feared escalation of the situation in the Middle East, Begin, a month later, July 17, 1981, has made the western Beirut bombing to destroy, he said, the base of the PLO.

Reagan then announced the sale of the project for $ 8.5 billion in Saudi Arabia systems "AWACS" and missiles, again provided that they will not threaten Israel, and will remain entirely under American control.

The majority of the Senate approved this transaction and favorable economic gain of U.S. positions in the Persian Gulf. Saudi planes had to fly over or Syria, Jordan or above, nor of Israel.

Source: Fekts End faylz. September 20, 1981, p. 705.

Begin by staying in the power of his vision of "greater Israel * biblical legends continued establishment of Jewish settlements in Tsiziordanii (initiated by the Labour Party), although Carter declared it illegal and against the UN resolutions number 242 and 338. But Reagan saw in Israel a means of blocking the species of the Soviet Union on Persian Gulf oil. In November 1981, Ariel Sharon, the military government minister Menachem Begin, and met with his American counterpart, Caspar Weinberger and worked with him a plan of the "strategic cooperation" in order to eliminate the Soviet threat in the region.

Source: "New York Times", December 1, 1981

December 14 Begin annexed Golan Heights. Reagan protested against this new violation of the resolution number 242. Begin rebelled "Are we a banana republic? Your vassal? "

Source: "New Republic", 16 June 1982

The following year, Begin invaded Lebanon. General Haig, Secretary of War, gave the "green light" invasion, which aimed to establish the authority of the Christian, the government in Beirut.

Source: Ze'ev Schiff and Ehud Yaari. Israel's Lebanon war. New York, 1984.

Few Americans have criticized the invasion as few Israelis: criticized the war in Vietnam. But the massacre in the Sabra and Shatila in front of Sharon and Eitan and with their participation, terrible pictures, televised, forced the Jewish lobby to break the silence.

Vice-president of the World Jewish Congress, Herzberg and many rabbis criticized Begin in October 1982. Begin chided critics is that they are "more Americans than the Jews."

Source: Michael Kremer. American Jews and Israel split. New York, 18.H.82.

Press Officer AIPAK explained the strategy of those who, like him, approves invasion: "We want to strengthen our support for Israel. We are those for whom it does not matter what happens in the West Bank, but who is afraid of the Soviet Union "

Source: Interview Tivanov. See op. cit. with. 181.

On this occasion, Christians Zionists supported the Israeli aggression, and their leader Jerry Falwell, whom Begin called 'the person who represents 60 million American Christians "in a country where only six million Jews, received the highest award Zionist: Jabotinsky Award for services rendered to Israel plus $ 100 million from the state of Israel and $ 140 million from the fund Svaggerta.

Source: "Time", February 17, 1986 — "The power, the glory, politics and television."

Financial and hence political power in a world where everything is bought and sold, it is becoming more crucial.

Since 1948 the U.S. has provided Israel $ 28 billion economic: and military aid.

Source: "Time Magazine", June 1994


Thanks to the financial flows that poured into Israel from the outside in the form of

1) of the German and Austrian "reparations"

2) unconditional largesse U.S.

3) donations Diaspora

Israel's leaders were able to identify in the field of foreign policy, the most ambitious goal of "greater Israel." One example of this — an article in the journal "Kivunim" ("Orientation") on the strategic plans of Israel's 80 years, published in the Jerusalem of the World Zionist Organization. 1

"As a central body Egypt'm dead, especially given the increasingly violent confrontation between Muslims and Christians. His division into separate geographical province should be our policy objective for 90 years on the Western Front.

After Egypt disintegrate and be deprived of the central government, such as the collapse awaits Libya, Sudan, and other more distant countries. Create Coptic, the state in Upper Egypt and the small and weak regional entities — the key to a historical development, is currently hindered the peace agreement, but inevitable in the long run.

Despite the outward appearance, from the Western Front is due less of a problem than with the eastern. Partition of Lebanon into five provinces — a prototype of what will happen with the entire Arab world. The collapse of Syria and Iraq into regions based on ethnic or religious criteria should be the top priority in the long-term goal of Israel. The first step will be the destruction of the military power of those states.

Ethnic structure of Syria dooms it to decay, which can lead to the creation of the Shiite state along the coast, a Sunni state in the Aleppo area of another — in Damascus. Drusen may also want to create their own state — maybe on our Golan, in any case — with Hauranom and the north of Jordan. Such a state would be in the long-term guarantee of peace and security in the region. This goal is achievable.

Rich in oil and torn by internal strife Iraq is in the sights of Israel. Its collapse would be more important to us than the collapse of Syria, because it is in the near-term, is the most serious threat to Israel. "

Source: "Kivunim." Jerusalem, № 14, February 1982, p. 49-59.

(The full text of the original Hebrew reproduced in my book, "Palestine, the country of divine messages", ed. Albatross, Paris, 1986, p. 377-387. French translation — starting on page 315).

To implement this comprehensive program, Israeli leaders have unlimited U.S. aid. Of the 507 aircraft that they had on the eve of the invasion of Lebanon, 457 came from the United States — as a gift or a loan from Washington. American lobby knocks the necessary funds under the pressure of Zionist lobbyists against national interests.

Although the purpose of the plan Kivunim were very distant and very risky confrontation, the Israeli lobby succeeded in one operation by the United States. The war against Iraq — a vivid example. Two powerful pressure group pushing the U.S. to the outbreak of the conflict:

1) The Jewish lobby because the removal of Saddam Hussein eliminated the threat of the most powerful Arab country … American Jews play an important role in the overseas media. Permanent compromise between the President and the Congress makes the White House to consider their entreaties.

2) The business lobby, which believed that the war could revive the economy. The Second World War and the huge orders received in the course of this war, the U.S., does not put an end to the crisis in 1929, from which in fact did not manage to get out? And the war in Korea does not cause a new boom?

Blessed war America recovered prosperity.

Source: Alain Peyrefitt. "Figaro", 5noyabrya 1990

"It's hard to overestimate the political influence of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAK), whose budget has increased from 1982 to 1988 and 4 times, with 1.6 million dollars in 1982 to 6.9 million dollars in 1988."

Source: "Wall Street Journal", June 24, 1987

Zionist leaders have never concealed his role lobby.

Ben-Gurion clearly stated: "When a Jew in America or South Africa speaks about his Jewish friends of our government, he means the government of Israel."

Source: Rebirth and Destiny of Israel. 1954, p. 489.

At the 23rd Congress of the World Zionist Organization, he said that debt Jew abroad is "a collective responsibility of all Zionist organizations in different countries to help the Jewish state under any circumstances, and of course, even if such conduct is in conflict with the authorities of the countries concerned."

Source: Ben-Gurion. The objectives and nature of the modern Zionist. "Jerusalem Post", August 17, 1952

(Note: For half a century in this behavior has not changed. Grand Rabbi of France Zhoeef Sitruk said in Jerusalem, Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir: "Every French Jew — the representative of Israel … Be assured that every Jew in France, defender of the same that you are protecting . "

Source: "Le Monde", 12 and 13 July 1990, and the French newspaper of the Jewish community, "Jour J", 12 July 1990, where he adds: "I do not in any way mean dual citizenship." But you would think that it is about it)

This mixture of Judaism as a religion (a decent respect as any other) with a political Zionism, which requires unconditional loyalty to the state of Israel, replacing them the God of Israel, only feeds anti-Semitism.

The State Department was forced to react. In a letter to the American Council for Judaism, issued May 7, 1964, Assistant Secretary of State Talbot, referring to the principles of the U.S. Constitution, which challenge the Zionist leaders, said that the United States "recognize Israel as a sovereign state and the nationality of that State does not recognize the U.S. no other sovereignty or citizenship, they do not recognize the political and legal relationship based on religious identification of American citizens, and shall not discriminate American citizens on religious grounds. It should therefore be clear that the State Department does not consider the concept of the "Jewish people" concept of international law. "

Source: George Friedman. End of the Jewish people. Ed. Gallimard, 1956, p. 292.

This declaration has remained purely platonic, as legal references did not result in any action against the lobby.

Example — the Pollard case.

In November 1985, Zionist activist, American Jonathan Pollard, an analyst at the Naval Staff, was arrested after being kidnapped by some secret documents. On questioning by the FBI, he admitted that since the beginning of 1984 was $ 50 000 for the transfer of these documents to Israel.

"The Pollard case did not arise suddenly, out of nothing. It fits into the current, increasingly unhealthy system of US-Israeli relations, which differ over-dependence, which encourages reckless behavior. Such a situation was created in 1981 when the Reagan administration gave Israel what he saw as a "carte blanche" to his military adventurism under the pretext of self-defense … The first result was the invasion of Lebanon.

… It is anticipated that this will make the helpfulness of Washington Jerusalem even more brazen … It is well known that the close interdependence generated vindictiveness and aggressiveness. On the Israeli side, this reckless vindictiveness took shape. Example — a raid on Tunisia. Another example would be the Pollard case. "

Source: "Washington Post", December 5, 1985

"For decades, American Jews are trying to convince the American public that their unconditional support for Israel does not affect their loyalty to the United States. Now, it seems to be difficult to believe in it, and those who speak of double citizenship, will find an appreciative audience. "

Source: "Haaretz", December 1, 1985

There is no shortage of examples of what the Israeli-Zionist lobby can impose on the U.S. conduct contrary to U.S. interests, but useful for the policy of Israel. Here are some of them.

The chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee Senator Fulbright has caused in the commission principal Zionist leaders, which resulted in the exposed their clandestine activities. He summed up his investigation in an interview with broadcaster CBS Es October 7, 1973: "The Israelis control the policy of the Congress and the Senate," and added: "Our colleagues in the Senate, about 70% of them are under more pressure from the lobby than in accordance with their understanding of the principles of freedom and rights. "

At the next election Fulbright lost his seat in the Senate.

After an investigation of Senator Fulbright Zionist lobby did not cease to increase the influence on American politics. In the book, "They dare to speak", released in 1985, the publishing house "Lawrence Hill & Co.," Paul Finley, who in '22 was a member of the U.S. Congress, described the mechanics of the action Zionist lobby and its power. This true "branch of the Israeli government" controls Congress and the Senate, the President, the State Department and the Pentagon, the media, universities and churches.

Abundant evidence and examples show how the requirements are placed above the interests of the Israelis USA. So, October 3, 1984 the House of Representatives 98% of the votes, all restrictions on the exchange between Israel and the United States, despite the negative conclusions of the Ministry of Commerce and all the trade unions (p. 31). Every year, no matter how scrimp all other budget items, loans to Israel are increasing. Espionage is developed so that the most secret files are in the hands of the Israeli government. Adlai Stevenson wrote in the journal, "the Foreign Affairs" (Winter 1975-1976): "Virtually no decision concerning Israel, can not be accepted or even discussed at the executive level without having to know immediately not recognize the Israeli government" (with . 126). Despite the refusal of the Ministry of Defense, based on U.S. law, put Israel in the midst of aggression against Lebanon fragmentation bombs, weapons directed against the civilian population, the Israelis got it from the Reagan and was used twice in Beirut (p. 143).

In 1973, U.S. Admiral Thomas Moorer, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said that the Israeli military attache in Washington Mordechai Gur (future commander of the Israeli army), demanded that the U.S. aircraft, armed with the latest Maverick missiles. Admiral Moorer said the Guru, "I can not tell you to put these aircraft. We have only one squadron. And we swore to Congress that we need it. " Gur said, "Give us airplanes, and as the Congress, I'll do it." And the only squadron, equipped with missiles "Maverick" were transferred to Israel (p. 161).

June 8, 1967 Israeli Air Force and the Navy bombed the U.S. ship "Liberty", equipped with the most modern detectors that were not disclosed plans for an invasion of the Golan Heights. 34 seafarers were killed and 171 were injured. Overflew the ship continued to 6:00, bombing — 70 minutes The Israeli government apologized for this "mistake" and the matter was hushed up. Only in 1980, one of the witnesses of Annecy, the officer ship "Liberty", was able to restore the truth and destroy the official version of the "mistakes" have been stamped by the Commission of Inquiry, headed by Admiral Isaac Kidd. Annecy proved that the attack was deliberate. The Zionist lobby has taken care to Annecy book never saw the light, but the Admiral T. Moorer explained why silence is a crime, "President Johnson was afraid of the reaction of the Jewish electorate … The American people would come into a rage if he knew what had happened" (p. 179).

In 1980, Adlai Stevenson proposed to reduce by 10% military aid to Israel and demanded an end to settlement activity in the occupied territories, recalling that 43% of U.S. aid goes to Israel (3,000,000 inhabitants), in his arms, to the detriment of 3 billion hungry people on the planet.

Adlai Stevenson said in conclusion: "The Prime Minister of Israel has a greater effect on U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East than on the policy of their own country" (p. 92).

For the Zionist lobby all means, the financial pressure to moral blackmail of the media to boycott threats of murder.

Paul Finley concludes: "Anyone who criticizes Israel's policies should expect painful and continuous repression and even loss of livelihood under the pressure of the Israel lobby. The President is afraid of them. Congress is inferior to all their requirements. The most prestigious universities take away from all of their programs that against them. Giants of the media and the military commanders concede to their pressure "(p. 315).

Source: Proceedings, Part 9, May 23, 1963.

Lobby in France

"In France there is a powerful pro-Israel lobby, whose influence is particularly strong in the media." General de Gaulle.

In France, General de Gaulle was one dared to say it. At the time this statement has caused a scandal, but it contained a portion of the truth, which remains relevant to this day.

Source: Philip Alexander, the pro-Israel prejudice. "Parisienne leader", February 29, 1988

Since no candidate for the presidency of the French republic, no matter what party he may belong, from Michel Rocard to Jacques Chirac, including Mitterrand, could not do without a pilgrimage to Israel for a blessing of the media.

Power over these funds lobby, the nerve center of which is now the Lycra (International League against Racism and Anti-Semitism) is so strong that it allows him to manipulate public opinion at will: though the Jews in France are about 2% of the population casting vote in the media Zionists information: on television, on radio, in newspapers and weekly magazines, in movies (primarily due to the invasion of Hollywood), and even in publishing, which is so-called "committees of readers" can impose its veto. All this in the hands of the Zionists, as well as advertising, on which the financing of the media.

And almost all of these tools act as a team when you need to for the sake of Israel to pervert the meaning of events. They are called "terrorism" violence of the weak and the "fight against terrorism" violence of the strong.

PLO renegade Jew threw a disability on board the ship "Achille Lauro". This is, of course, terrorism. But as a result of the response of the Israeli bombing of Tunis killed 50 people, including several children, this is called the "fight against terrorism and the protection of law and order."

As if by an invisible conductor's wand, all the media give birth to the same music when we are talking about the explosion at the synagogue on the street Copernicus, cemetery desecration in Carpentras, the invasion of Lebanon or the destruction of the cities of Iraq.

I can refer to my own experience. Until 1982, I had free access to the largest publishing houses, on television, on the radio.

At the time of the invasion of Lebanon and the massacres in the country editor of the newspaper "Le Monde" Jacques fovea gave me a room of 17 June 1982 for a fee the whole strip, and my father and pastor Michel Lelong Mattio exposed became evident after the massacres in Lebanon sense Israeli aggression. We have shown that this is not an error, but the internal logic of political Zionism, which is based on the state of Israel.

I'm nine death threats in anonymous letters and telephone. Lycra against us started a process of "anti-Semitism and called for racial discrimination."

Lawyer Jacques fovea said that should not be confused with the Jewish community, and still less with its belief state of Israel, whose actions in Lebanon were convicted by such prominent Jewish figures as Mendes-France and Nahum Goldmann.

Our defenders appealed to the text of article, in which we wrote that owe their lives to the faith of the Jewish prophets.

But political Zionism replaced the God of Israel State of Israel. His actions in Lebanon and Palestine, he created a disgusting mishmash of Judaism disgraced in the eyes of the whole world. Thus, our struggle against the political 'Zionism is inseparable from our struggle against anti-Semitism.

For my part, the court reiterated the conclusions of my book "Palestine, the land of divine messages": political Zionism, Theodor Herzl founded (and then condemned by all the rabbis of the world as a betrayal of the Jewish faith), has its source not Jewish faith and Jewish nationalism and colonialism XIX century.

The last vestiges of colonialism in Palestine and South Africa are facing because of their racism (officially condemned the UN), the resistance of the indigenous population of the colonial occupation.

Every colonialism and every occupation regime (as we have experienced in France under Hitler) calls its repression "maintain order", and resistance — "terrorism".

Listening to a lawyer Lycra, who tried to portray me an anti-Semite, I recalled how, together with the Israeli Minister visited Barzilai in Jerusalem, the Wailing Wall in 1967, and as I took in my house Nahum Goldman, president of the World Jewish Congress.

I remember sitting in a concentration camp, along with Bernard Lekashem, founder of Lika (subsequently Lycra), which helped me to prepare lectures on the prophets of Israel for our fellow-prisoners.

I remembered an old communist and atheist of the Tarn with Bernard told us after our lectures about the prophet Amos: "It makes more bold!"

The almost total dominance of the Israeli Zionists in the U.S. media and the world of France imposes a distortion of meaning of events. The attack on an Israeli diplomat in London (even Mrs Thatcher admitted in the House of Commons that the assassin did not belong to the PLO) — is "terrorism." And operation of the Israeli army in Lebanon, caused thousands of deaths, called "Peace in Galilee".

January 1, 1989, I heard on television balance victims' uprising of stones ": 327 Palestinians killed (most of them children, were throwing stones) and 8 Israelis (mainly soldiers firing bullets) On the same day, an Israeli minister said:" Negotiations will be possible only when the Palestinians renounce violence. " I thought, if I do not sleep? This anesthesia is critical spirit — it's a collective nightmare, a triumph of absurdity!

Back in 1969, de Gaulle spoke about the excessive influence of the Zionist lobby in all media. Today, this lobby has made a complete perversion of meaning, calling "terrorism" artisanal resistance of the weak and the "war on terrorism" strong violence with the use of a far more lethal means.

My father and pastor Lelong and Mattio were wrong in condemning the falsity of this distortion of meaning. *

The Paris Court of the High Court judgment of 24 March 1983, "given that it is a permitted by law criticized government policy and ideology, its inspiring, not racist provocation … dismissed the entire suit lycra and sentenced her to pay court costs."

Infuriated Lycra filed a cassation. January 11, 1984 Supreme Court: Paris Chamber of Commerce has announced its verdict. The Court of Cassation cited the passage of this article, in which we are accusing the state of Israel of racism. The Court considering that "the views expressed by the authors, only concerns the restrictive definition of Jewishness under Israeli law … constitutes a waiver of Lycra in the lawsuit and says Lycra to pay court costs."

Lycra again filed a cassation. The verdict of the Cassation Court on November 4, 1987 the Zionists did not leave any hope dishonor us by legal means, the court, rejected the plaintiffs' claim and sentenced to pay court costs.

Then the operation was continued to stifle extrajudicial methods Zionist lobby with the means. If we condemn the whole press unanimously nailed to the pillory us as anti-Semites On the contrary, no court verdicts in favor of Lycra systematically suppressed. Even the newspaper "Le Monde", the former editor of the fovea which has been involved with us in this fight, escaped with just one little article colorless.

For an article in "Le Monde" of the logic of Zionist colonialism, I added two lines to appeal to readers to help in the payment of a newspaper page. It cost me five million centimes. I got seven hundred small checks. About a third of the donors were Jews, including two rabbis.

But then began to choke the media: I was denied access to television, my articles were rejected. I have published forty books in all the major publishing houses such as Gallimard, Sei, Plon, Grasset, Laffont. These books have been translated into 27 languages. Now in front of me were all the big doors closed. One of my publishers heard on the administrative board of such a statement: "If you publish a book Garaudy, you will lose the right to translations of works by American authors." It would have bankrupted his firm. Another publisher three months of courting him head of the literary department, admiring my book, but the answer was categorical: "I do not want Garaudy in my firm."

So bricked person.

Our network of resistance nonsense doomed to act in the underground, but I myself have been sentenced to death for literary daring to hope for.

This is just one example of a "perversion of meaning" Zionists, which I personally can not be a witness. We can multiply the number of these examples, but every day convinces us: the very meaning of Nazi crimes against humanity distorted Zionist propaganda that drives this crime against humanity to one big massacre, whose only victims were Jews.

A further step was taken when these "orders" have acquired the force of law, and judges have the right to judge the historical truth contrary to the previous laws on freedom of the press.

Opinion has been declared a crime under the law Fabius (№ 43), the so-called law of Gais named Communist deputies, who took over the authorship of the criminal law in May 1990. In 1881 the law on freedom of the press was inserted article 24 bis, which says:

"Punishable pursuant to paragraph 6 of Article 24, those who dispute the existence of one or more crimes against humanity as defined in Article 6 of the Charter of the International Military Tribunal appended to the London Agreement of 8 August 1945."

Source: Draft law passed by the National Assembly, № 278, an application for the transcript meeting May 3, 1990

The report of the deputy Asenzi elaborate on (p. 21) you are required to formulate a new charge against "revisionism" and "expand opportunity associations to bring actions for violations of the law" (Article 7). In the introduction Rapporteur identified goal: "To fill the existing repressive arsenal with a view to the law … completely fulfill its role means of intimidation and repression" (p. 5).

Source: Report of the number 1296, an application to the transcript of the meeting 26 April 1990

The Nuremberg Tribunal, as we have shown, had less than any other court related to the law.

A year Toubon tried in vain to propose an amendment:

"Article 24 bis of the Act of 29 July 1881 on the freedom of the press is canceled." This would cancel the repressive force of the law against Gais revisionist historians and would not allow to put historical criticism on the same level as racism and apology for Hitler.

Toubon reasoning was as follows: "When we discussed the 1990 draft law proposed by a group of Communists, under which the first was the signature Gais, I — and I'm not alone — challenged the principle of this text, which left for the court to assert the historical truth instead giving the floor to the historians.

Some argue that if the story establishes the truth, the law should not impose it. Proposals go too far the other, until the prohibition of expression. But as we gradually descend to the punishment for political crimes, and for speaking out.

Article 24 bis is, in my opinion, a very serious political and legal error. The law was passed under the influence of the events, which I very sorry. Since then a year has passed. When the events occurred in Carpentras, we had to hurry to discuss the text that conference presidents included in the agenda 48 hours after submission and put up for discussion immediately because underneath his signature in person, Mr. Fabius, President of the National Assembly. A year later, we can calmly discuss the legality of the law, the legality of that article 24 bis announces revisionism crime and do together with Simone Weil concluded that in this case, talk about the crime out of place. "

Source: Transcript of parliamentary debate, June 21, 1991

In fact, since any historian was forbidden to question the conclusions of the Nuremberg Tribunal, even though its American chairman acknowledged that it was "the last act of war," and the judge "did not adhere to the rules of the common law courts of evidence and conviction."


In the wake caused by this criminal law, the statement made by Jacques Chirac, June 16, 1995, marks an important point in our lives, the gap with the idea of national unity. When the president of the republic declares that "criminal madness occupiers helped the French and the French state," he commits a double crime against France:

— First of all, speaking of the Vichy regime as the French state, so he once again makes it legitimate;

— In addition, he insults the people of France, mixing it with the minions of the invaders.

Thus, he made the official Zionist concept that Bernard-Henri Levy defends in his book "The French Ideology" in which he writes: "All the French culture … our most expensive French traditions suggest that our meanness goes back a long way the past. "

He calls reveal this "old festering source" "in the heart of the French thought," which made France the "birthplace of National Socialism."

Source: Bernard-Henri Levy. French ideology. Grasse. 1981, p. 61 <* 92 125.

Crowns the work statement of the great Rabbi Sitruk France July 8, 1990 in Israel, Yitzhak Shamir (the same one he had offered his services to Hitler): "Every French Jew is a representative of Israel … Be assured that every Jew in France protects the same as defending you" though, he stipulated, "we are not talking about double citizenship."

Source: "Le Monde", July 9, 1990

After such rassharkivany before Shamir who offered their alliance to Hitler Sitruk should repent.

Of course, this humiliation of the French people enthusiastically welcomed by the leaders of CRIF (representative council of Jewish organizations in France), who expressed "his deep satisfaction that the top leadership of France finally recognized the continuity of the French state in the period between 1940 and 1944 year.

A shame that the leaders of all parties in the French pages of several newspapers from "Figaro" to "L&#39;Humanite", Chirac endorsed this renunciation, the renunciation of the French tradition of unity and resistance of the people.

De Gaulle never recognized the Vichy government. "Hitler — he said — a regime of Vichy" (Memoirs, vol 1, p. 389) — and called the leaders of the regime "extras" (ibid., p. 130). "I declared illegal regime run by the enemy" (ibid., p. 107). "Governments are not really French" (ibid., pp. 388, the statement in Brazzaville).

Referring to the agreement with Britain on March 28, 1940, excludes any separate armistice (vol. 1, p. 74), he clearly said: "The body, located in Vichy, claiming the title of the state, is unconstitutional and is subject to the invaders … He can not be and is nothing other than a weapon used by the enemy of France "(vol. 1, p. 342).

Thus, it was stressed that the subservience of rulers did not match the feelings of the French people.

"The conviction of the Vichy regime in the face of its rulers separated France from the national policy of renunciation" (Vol. III, p. 301).

Here&#39;s what he wrote de Gaulle on the uprising of the people of Paris:

"No doubt, no enemies nor our friends, that four years of oppression were not able to kill the soul of the capital, that was just a shameful betrayal of foam on the surface of the body, stay healthy, the streets, homes, factories, offices, construction sites of Paris witnessed heroic acts of resistance perpetrated despite the shootings, torture and imprisonment "(Vol. III, p. 442).

"Even in the worst moments, our people never gave up himself, herself" (Vol. III, p. 494).

That&#39;s what Chirac rejected a few words for the sake of retaining power in the Zionist media and vassals of the USA. The Zionist lobby has forced him to abandon his opposition to the Maastricht Treaty, the ravages of France, and to confirm their submission to the dictates of the U.S., are implemented with the support of the GATT, which eliminates the possibility of independence and updates I of France by a radical change in its relations with the Third World.


Zionism is constantly used the bogey of anti-Semitism in order to make them believe in a permanent threat to Israel and to the need to come to his aid. Recent provocations were designed to mask the crimes of Israel. The method is always the same. Following the massacres in the Sabra and Shatila writer Tahar Ben Jelloun wrote:

"There are matches that are due to their frequency of occurrence can be considered as the main indicator. It is now known, who benefits from the anti-Semitic attempt in Europe: they are designed to cover deliberate mass murder of Palestinian civilians and Lebanese. It can be stated that the assassination was preceded, followed or coincided bloodbath in Beirut. These terrorist operations conceived in such a manner, and performed with such perfection that they still have a direct or indirect way to help achieve the intended policy objective to divert attention every time when the Palestinian question meets a little more understanding or sympathy. Not whether it is systematically turning the situation to portray the executioners and victims of terrorists? Murders in the Rue des Rosiers August 9 occurred a few hours before the rain of bombs fell on Beirut. Beshir Gemayel was killed two hours after the entry of the Israeli army in the West Beirut (which at the same time skewing the impression of a historic visit to Yasser Arafat to the Pope). Car bomb explosion outside Cardin and shooting the next day in front of a synagogue in Brussels coincided with unprecedented massacres in the Palestinian camps of Sabra and Shatila. "

Source: "Le Monde", September 22, 1982

There are historical precedents from which we should learn. Systematic efforts to shape public opinion by saturating its ethnocentric information that fuels anti-Semitism.

"In Berlin, theater, journalism, etc., were Jewish affair. The most important was the German newspaper "Berliner Tageblatt" second most important "Vossische Zeitung" The first of them belonged to a Jew Moss, the second — a Jew Ulshteynu. The editor of the main social-democratic newspaper "Vorwärts" was a Jew. When the Germans called the Jewish press, it was true. "

Source: J. Leibowitz, Israel and Judaism, 1993, p. 113.

The latest example of such maneuvers and their use in the media — the incident in Carpentras.

In May 1990, in the town were desecrated graves in the Jewish cemetery. One corpse was dug and dragged to another grave.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Pierre Joxe immediately said, "Do not be a police investigation to find out who the perpetrators of this hideous racist act." However, five years later, despite the work of dozens of investigators, no one today can say with certainty who is responsible for this meanness

All you know is that there was a desecration of the Jewish cemetery, the dead body of Mr. Germont, as acknowledged by the investigators a few days later, there was dug. Someone made a "montage". And the question is: who? What for? Who was interested in this arrangement to make the event even more horrible and stir up hatred in public opinion?

Jean Marie Domenach (former editor of the magazine "Esprit") wrote in "Le Monde" October 31, 1990 in the article "The silence around Carpentras": "For nearly six months, as was the desecration of the Jewish cemetery in Carpentras, and we still do not know criminals . Even more troubling that the media have raised the scandal surrounding this heinous event brought hundreds of thousands to the streets of protesters and spoiled the reputation of France abroad, are not interested in investigating and silent. No parliamentarian, no moral or intellectual authority does not dare to make a request to the government. It looks like Carpentras finally becomes a black legend of the nation, and the perpetrators are unknown, and no one really knows exactly what happened. No one else can not or do not dare to tell the truth about Carpentras. "

Strange "silence around Carpentras" Domenach marked contrasts with the hullabaloo raised by the media in the early days.

During the demonstration, arranged by May 14, 1990, in Paris were 80,000 people according to the police, 200, 000 — according to the organizers. In their honor, rang the big bell of Notre Dame.

No one knew the perpetrators. Against whom was a demonstration? The answer to this question could only result, but did not respond. And who was it beneficial? The answer is obvious: in the head of the demonstration waving flag of Israel.

This strange "national union" when, during a demonstration Georges Marchais shook hands with Francois Leotard, allowed for a global attack against anyone who questions the dogma that put Israel above international law. The great Rabbi Sitruk, explaining in his speech the meaning of the demonstration, said: "We will not allow to speak God knows what! We give a lesson professors-revisionists, irresponsible politicians! "

Source: "Le meridional", May 14, 1990

However, the truth about the desecration in Carpentras still not been established, because of all the tracks on which there was a consequence, one was excluded, the most likely.

Why do most necessary witnesses were ordered to keep silent?

"Watchman synagogue in Carpentras and the keeper of the keys to the cemetery, Mr. Kwan, one of the first to discover the corpse of Felix Germont, refused to talk to us," Be you ever own prefect, I was ordered not to say anything. " The ban came from the chairman of the consistory, on the pretext that the watchman could "tell a story on television knows that," as justified by Dr. Freddie Haddad, he remembers very reserved about the desecration, as Rabbi Amar. "

Source: "Top Bar Matin", April 15, 1995, article reporter Peter Michel and Michel Brault.

Why Rabbi Carpentras, when asked why he did not consecrate this place again, he replied: "It&#39;s none of my business," the chairman of the consistory, "It makes no sense," and the mayor. "I did not ask?" (From the same article).

Why no French newspaper did not recall the case with exactly the same "desecration" cemetery Rishon Lezion near Tel Aviv on the night of March 2, 1984, when the body of a woman was dug and dumped outside a Jewish cemetery? "The barbaric act of anti-Semitism" — immediately declared the Jewish communities around the world. After a few days the Israeli police investigated the case, found the true meaning of what happened: the corpse, which cost so shamefully belonged Engelovich Teresa, his wife Jew, but a Christian. Jewish integristy believed that its presence in the Jewish cemetery defile the purity of the place, and Rabbi cemetery has demanded the exhumation of a corpse.

Why no French newspaper did not see the parallels? Mr. Germon, whose body was dug at night and also became the target of a sinister "assembly", was also "guilty" that married a Christian. His body was dragged to the adjacent tomb of Mrs. Emma Ulm, too guilty that she was married to a Catholic.

Why does no one remember that in Israel, to prove to Israel Palestine was a "desert", hundreds of villages were wiped off the face of the earth bulldozed along with their houses, fences and graveyards?

Source: Israel Shahak. Racism is the State of Israel, p. 152 and following.

The day after the "Day of Democracy" in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Jewish students were asked a legitimate question. "Why is there no outcry over the fact that Agron Street in Jerusalem and the hotel" Hilton "in Tel Aviv, built on the site of the destroyed Muslim cemeteries?"

Source: Students of the Israeli socialist organization Matzpen. R.O.V. 2234. Jerusalem.

From the book Roger Garaudy The fundamental myths of Israeli politics

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