The Ka-32 overcomes the boundaries and breaking records

Advances Ka-32 rolled around the globe from America to Europe and reached the most remote corners of South East Asia. News agencies do not have time for news of the Ka-32. To cite just the most recent.
Canada. From the distant British Columbia came the news that the next Ka-32A11VS got to maintenance work, 12,500 hours of incident. This is the second helicopter raid which reached 12,500 hours. Together, the two machines have flown more than 33,000 hours — a significant achievement given that the helicopters are exclusively engaged in the hard work (removal of wood on the external load). The use of Ka-32A11VS in British Columbia — demonstrate the unique capabilities of Kamov machines.
Portugal. For three years, six helicopters Ka-32A11VS Portuguese state company Empresa de Meios Aereos (EMA) have flown 5,000 hours. EMA manages the assets of the country by air. The base of the company are spread throughout Portugal. Helicopters operating in the interests of public services, including fire fighting, search and rescue support and medical evacuation.

5,000 flight hours as follows:
1,517 jobs firefighting (18397 water discharge);
105 — Search and rescue support (saved 102 people.)
42 — Medical Evacuation;
18 flights on the transport of organs for transplantation.

In addition, helicopters were used to patrol the border (detained 77 illegal immigrants) and the tasks of law enforcement (22 flight surveillance and aerial surveillance). Bright yellow silhouettes with red stripe (like a gift tied with ribbon) are well known not only in Portugal but also far beyond its borders. Interestingly, the Ka-32 helicopters are working side by side with the AS350B3. Portuguese crews who have something to compare, it is warmly about Kamov machines.
India. Awarded a contract to supply four helicopters. The Certificate.
The Ka-32 is not only blurs the boundaries between states, but also becomes a major tool to achieve deep structural reform policies of the states in ensuring public safety by improving the speed and efficiency of response to emerging threats.

Source: Evgeny Matveev / / AviaPort.Ru
Posted on: 22.02.2011, 17:47

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